Author Topic: Maybe the Climate Change Killed Yo’ Daddy, Raped Yo’ Mama & Ate Yo’ Baby  (Read 130 times)

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Maybe the Climate Change Killed Yo’ Daddy, Raped Yo’ Mama & Ate Yo’ Baby

by Betty Butter • 18 July, 2014 • Politics • 0 Comments
And it’s because of ‘Climate Change’ that you can’t find a job, must rely on food stamps, and can’t find the right pair of sneakers, right?

You can’t help but see the humor in how the left’s blaming of everything from infrastructure to health problems on ‘Climate Change’ is starting to turn their favorite propaganda buzzword into a personified villain of mythical proportion.

There are articles like Chicago Murder Rate Blamed on Climate Change from Fox Nation and at Mother Jones, there is the unprovable postulate that Global Warming Will Cause 180,000 More Rapes by 2099.  Is that so?  Well, then we must stomp out Global Warming before it grows into a killing and raping,  machine of gargantuan proportion.

Climate Change is what President Obama and his fellow Democrats are using to get Congress to anti up billions of dollars for infrastructure projects so as to put more money and jobs into the hands of labor unions.

And U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power, conveniently blamed Climate Change for a hotel collapsing in Africa 12 years ago.

Of course we all know that the original agenda behind Global Warming propaganda was that rich evil oil companies, and their evil fossil fuels are ruining the planet.  However, it has morphed into something else, with the Democrat-progressive-socialist-Marxist-environmentalist cabal blaming just about everything they can think of on climate change.  They are turning climate change itself into some kind of personified bogeyman monster, and their original goal of putting oil companies out of business, and/or nationalizing them is lost somewhere in the gas tanks of the limousines Al Gore, the President, Sheila Jackson Lee, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid regularly ride around in.

There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty.
Public virtue cannot exist in a nation without private, and public virtue is the only foundation of republics. There must be a positive passion for the public good, the public interest, honour, power and glory, established in the minds of the people, or there can be no republican government, nor any real liberty: and this public passion must be superior to all private passions. John Adams

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