Author Topic: SAD: Mother of Police Officer Killed by Illegal: Barack Obama Has Betrayed Me!  (Read 343 times)

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SAD: Mother of Police Officer Killed by Illegal: Barack Obama Has Betrayed Me!

Author:  Editor

Posted: July 17, 2014

There is no question that America’s illegal immigration problem is a full-blown crisis. Cash-strapped states are refusing to pay for housing as Barack Obama has the Federal government ship in illegal immigrants into their states.

But sometimes, you don’t care about a political crisis until it affects you. And in Mary Ann Mendoza’s case, she felt the illegal immigration crisis in the most personal way: the death of her son. And she spoke with Fox News’ Sean Hannity to express her feelings of anger, grief, and sadness.

Mary Ann Mendoza, whose son, Mesa, AZ police Sgt. Brandon Mendoza was killed by an illegal immigrant who was driving under the influence criticized the government’s immigration policy and stated that she felt betrayed by her government in an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” on Thursday. Mendoza, who The Arizona Republic reported wrote a letter to the president on July 9, said “I have not heard a response [to my letter], and quite frankly, I don’t expect to.”

She also criticized the federal government’s failure to deport illegal immigrants who have committed crimes while in the U.S., focusing blame on President Barack Obama, declaring, “Obama is wanting to raise the level of crimes that people can commit in this country before they’re deported, which is really lowering the standards of what the American people expect of immigrants coming in to our country.”

Via Breitbart

In a better America, we would have a president who would call Mrs. Mendoza and apologize to her. But Barack Obama won’t do that, as illegal immigration- with a massive import of dependent people can only help the Democratic Party’s political muscle. We have a President willing to let people die (thanks to higher crime rates), to accomplish a macro-political goal.

Elections have consequences,  and Barack Obama has allowed the border along Mexico to be un-secure for 6 years. It is time to elect leaders who care about security, and America needs a reinforced fence constructed now! The death of Mrs. Mendoza’s son is tragic and quite unacceptable.

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