Author Topic: TSA Agent Didn’t Know District of Columbia is in the United States  (Read 159 times)

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TSA Agent Didn’t Know District of Columbia is in the United States

Posted on July 17, 2014 by Philip Hodges — 1 Comment   

A reporter who works for Orlando’s Channel 9 lives in D.C. He was flying out of Orlando’s airport, and when he showed his D.C. drivers license to a TSA agent, the agent said that it wasn’t a valid form of ID. Then, the agent asked for the reporter’s passport. The reporter Justin Gray told the agent he didn’t have his passport and asked why he needed it when he’s got a valid drivers license. In his conversation with the agent, Gray found that the agent had no idea that D.C., that is, the District of Columbia, is actually in the U.S.

I’m sure they have the same problem with New Mexico. No, it’s not a part of Mexico. It’s actually one of the 50 states. In America.

A TSA spokesman responded to Gray, stating:

“Officers are trained to identify fraudulent documents, which can potentially deter and detect individuals attempting to circumvent this layer of security.”


Yes, they’re highly trained operatives looking out for suspicious behavior from passengers in order to stop major terrorist attacks. But they can’t point to D.C. on a map. Makes me feel safe just thinking about it.


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