Author Topic: D.C. Whispers: Obama W.H. Declares “They Can’t Touch Us – We Have The Senate” by DW Ulsterman  (Read 145 times)

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Apparently a flurry of activity took place the last 72 hours between the House Oversight Committee, chaired by Republican Darrell Issa, and White House legal counsel operatives that ultimately resulted in the Obama  White House telling the Oversight Committee to pound the proverbial sand. While some perceive the White House’s position as bluster, others take it as supreme confidence the 2014 Midterm Election outcome will continue to provide Democratic Party control of the Senate, and thus, blanket protection against any real investigation into administration wrong doing.

Congressman Issa issued a recent subpoena to force White House Political Director David Simas to testify before the House Oversight Committee. The congressman believes Simas has information pertaining to alleged illegal fundraising taking place within the White House – fundraising that is then being used in critical political  races to ensure Democrats retain control of the Senate, which in turn, will allow the Obama White House to continue being insulated from a full congressional investigation into the myriad of scandals that continue to swirl around the administration.


Following the Issa subpoena, White House counsel Neil Eggleston issued a quick response – NOT GONNA HAPPEN.  Eggleston claims the White House political director is “immune” from having to testify due to his assertion such testimony would “threaten longstanding interests of the Executive Branch in preserving the president.”


Indeed – such testimony likely would endanger the ongoing preservation of the Obama presidency.


Without Senate cooperation, this impasse leaves Congressman Issa with only the option of asking the Eric Holder Department of Justice to intervene.  AG Holder has consistently refused any such investigative cooperation in any of the ongoing scandals.


This brings us to the most recent comments to have allegedly come out of the White House prior to a meeting with prominent House Democrats later today.  During a morning briefing with White House staff that took on a decidedly “rally the troops” tone, a senior adviser is said to have assured those around her that the House’s authority will continue to be nullified, and that though seats will be lost to Republicans in 2014, that number will not be enough to remove Democrats from their all-important control over the other half of Congress:

“They Can’t Touch Us – We Have The Senate”


Such arrogance is no doubt frustrating to those who know in their hearts so much is so very wrong with this White House, but sadly, that arrogance is also well founded.  If the senate remains under the control of Harry Reid and the White House, the Obama administration will run out the clock while managing to inflict yet more damage upon America.


Let us hope that arrogance is ultimately proven wrong.



Posted byulsterman
July 16, 2014

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It wouldn't surprise me to find out that Harry Reid is being blackmailed.

Back in 1993, he was dead-set against border jumpers obtaining all the bennies.....and he was against giving the children of illegals inside out borders any citizenship rights.

Lord knows there's sufficient dirt on him to get him to turn like this.
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  • Your what hurts?? I recall, Julius Caesar thought he "had the Senate" too, and look how well that worked out for him.....


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