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 By David Horsey contact the reporter

Sarah Palin's impeachment crusade annoys Republican leaders more than it does the president
John Boehner's lawsuit against Obama is another distraction from the real work of Congress

Politically speaking, Sarah Palin is crazy — but in an entertaining way. Speaker of the House John Boehner may look reasonable by comparison, but his supposed rationality is pretty dubious.

Before I proceed to pick on these GOP icons, I want to acknowledge that I spend a lot of time blasting Republicans in my columns and cartoons. Many readers assume it’s because I’m a commie-pinko, America-hating liberal Democrat. Actually, my constant critique of today’s GOP has more to do with the fact that I grew up in a time and place where Republicans were often the smart, sane ones and quite a few Democrats were part of a regressive, corrupt old guard.

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Well, he draws a great Boehner. But, his Palin needs a little more work. Perhaps a bit more foaming at the mouth would help sharpen his point.
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Coming from a long-time-Republican family, I leaned toward the GOP in my sympathies and my votes well into my 20s. But those were the days when the word "Republican" was not synonymous with conservative and conservative was not synonymous with reactionary, anti-intellectual, gun-worshiping, gay-bashing, immigrant-fearing populism.

Oh, yes.  I'm sure he was a devoted Republican.....    **nononono*

He's included every mindless, false accusation in the book about conservatism.

Except for perhaps actually using the word "racist."

How do these bald faced liars sleep at night?
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