Author Topic: Ben Carson has a plan to eliminate low-info voters; Jesse Jackson hates it (Video)  (Read 263 times)

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Ben Carson has a plan to eliminate low-info voters; Jesse Jackson hates it (Video)

By Michael Dorstewitz on July 14, 2014 at 3:17 pm 
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Dr. Benjamin Carson described a simple plan that will overnight practically eliminate the low-information voter. And the best part of it is that it will totally fry Rev. Jesse Jackson’s shorts and make steam come out of his ears.

Although Carson’s name has been discussed as a possible 2016 GOP presidential candidate, he starts out by stating that he’s not a Republican — but he’s not a Democrat either. He’s a conservative independent.

I tend to be more conservative. Because I tend to belong to what I call the Logical Party or the Common-Sense Party. And, conservatism tends to lean more towards common sense than progressivism does.

He follows up by suggesting how he would force voters to have to actually learn something about each candidate:

I actually would favor a voting system in which there were no political designations on the ballot, where you actually had to know what the person believed. You had to know how they voted in the past.

Imagine that — no more Rs or Ds — just the candidates’ names. Watch the video below.

So how do I know Jackson would hate a non-partisan voting system? Because he threatened to sue a South Carolina city last month for doing exactly that — eliminating party designations on their ballots.

The Greenville City Council voted 5-4 for nonpartisan ballots in future elections in May as a cost-saving measure, according to, which reported:

The nonpartisan election cycle will take a shorter amount of time than the previous system, with candidates filing a statement of candidacy 75 days before the general election in November.

The candidate with the most votes or with a majority of votes would win.

The nonpartisan system will “not prohibit or limit the ability of candidates to declare an affiliation as a member of a political party, such as Republican or Democrat,” according to the City Council.

Jackson got wind of Greenville’s new ordinance month later and threatened the city with a lawsuit. Apparently liberals become confused when they don’t see an “R” or a “D” next to a candidate’s name — emphasis on the “D” in the reverend’s case.

Jackson referred to the ordinance as “yet another scheme” to dilute the minority vote and “wipe out a share of participation,” according to Greenville Online. “It’s nothing but an at-large scheme. You’ll have an all-white City Council come November if this stands.”

Translation: Jackson likes low-information voters. They’re what elevated Barack Obama to the presidency — twice.

Camilla Pitman, the Greenville city clerk, told Liberty Unyielding that as of Monday, she was unaware of any suit being filed against the city by either Jackson or his organization, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

And I don’t expect one will ever be filed — no one likes frivilous lawsuits.

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