Author Topic: California Governor’s Anti-Hispanic Blunder In Deleting ‘Husband,’ ‘Wife,’ From Law Books  (Read 141 times)

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California Governor’s Anti-Hispanic Blunder In Deleting ‘Husband,’ ‘Wife,’ From Law Books

by Betty Butter • 14 July, 2014 • Politics • 2 Comments


The conundrum Governor Jerry Brown has now wrought on himself with California Hispanics was brought to my attention by a fellow blogger (I won’t give away his identity except to say that he is a flighty dog).   The question my brilliant flighty dog friend posed was how exactly will Governor Brown eliminate the terms ‘esposa’ & ‘esposo’ in Spanish, now that he as eliminated the terms ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ from California marriage law.

There is no neutral term for spouse in Spanish.  ‘Esposa’ means wife, and ‘esposo’ means husband and never the twain shall meet.  There is no ‘Spos.’  Other Spanish terms for wife and husband are ‘marida,’ and ‘marido.’  There is no ‘marid.’  As a Hispanic, myself, I find it quite offensive.   I am not an ‘eso’ (translation: I am not an it – or thing).

We’ve always known Democrats were racists, and it’s always amusing when they trap themselves in a web they can’t get out of that easily.

From TPNN (Tea Party News Network):

SB 1306 was sponsored by Democrat Mark Leno from San Francisco. Christian News Network reports on the content of said bill.

“Under existing law, a reference to ‘husband’ and ‘wife,’ ‘spouses,’ or ‘married persons,’ or a comparable term, includes persons who are lawfully married to each other and persons who were previously lawfully married to each other, as is appropriate under the circumstances of the particular case,” it reads. “The bill would delete references to ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ in the Family Code and would instead refer to a ‘spouse,’ and would make other related changes.”

Leno sponsored the bill after Proposition 8, in which California voters said no to same-sex marriage, was declared unconstitutional by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court refused to overturn it. State Rep. Leno said of his legislation,”This legislation removes outdated and biased language from state codes and recognizes all married spouses equally, regardless of their gender.”

In response to Governor Brown striking the term husband and wife from all family code, attorney Matthew Reynolds addressed his actions as a ‘raw exercise of power.”

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