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During the first half of September 2008, the race between John McCain and Barack Obama remained close, with updated polling at the time showing a clear trending advantage to McCain.  In fact, seven of ten polls had John McCain defeating Barack Obama, some by a wide margin. After September 18th though, a dramatic shift occurred, and Barack Obama began to dominate every poll up to the day of the election, which he then won by a strong majority. Those who have written the history of the 2008 Election have chosen to overlook the events of September 18th.  The reason why is simple enough.  This history is being written by advocates of the Obama administration, and to focus on September 18th would require the probability of what took place that day was  in fact a coup that intended to reward the candidate most willing to cripple the United States until what was left was the broken and battered remnant of a nation we see today. While the 2008 presidential election took place on November 4th, that election, and Barack Obama’s placement into the White House, was in fact decided weeks earlier…

First know this reader, Senator John McCain was chosen to be the GOP nominee not by Republican primary voters, but by the same machine that pushed aside Hillary Clinton in favor of Barack Obama to be the Democratic Party nominee.  McCain was the safe stop should something unexpectedly go wrong with the Obama campaign.  Barack Obama was the first choice, but John McCain was deemed an acceptable alternative should Obama falter. (“McCain the Campaign”)  It was the illusion of choice, but the fix was put firmly in place.  Nearly all bases were covered.


Proof of voter sentiment and its willingness to overlook nearly anything regarding Barack Obama’s past was the result of the country’s collective shrug following the leaked story of Obama’s fiery anti-American Chicago Pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Watching candidate Obama so easily weather what should have been a fatal political storm confirmed it for the machine – he was to be the next President of the United States.  Barack Obama had quickly proven himself far more willing to actively engage in the kind of destructive politics essential to securing the most return on the machine’s investment.  The chaos derivatives would be astronomical.


The McCain campaign did something unexpected though, resulting in elevating the Arizona senator into “he might actually win this” status. At the end of August he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate.  That decision did more to consolidate America’s conservative base than anything seen since the days of Reagan, and that was simply not acceptable to the machine.  The McCain campaign needed to be reduced to rubble. While the media followed its orders and all too happily tore into Palin, she remained as popular and resilient among conservatives since her introduction to the national stage, requiring yet more action to be taken. The GOP convention “bump” was quickly turning into a tsunami of support for the McCain-Palin ticket.  Something had to happen, and it had to be big.  Big enough to create widespread panic and overwhelming sentiment for CHANGE.  The puppet master needed an all too willing puppet, and Barack Obama was more than happy to find the machine’s hand firmly ensconced within the political body of his being.


The machine grinned. It knew it could easily create the necessary panic.  Some would suffer, but those later left standing, would benefit greatly from the orchestrated mayhem – mayhem that would generate TRILLIONS in profits.  This scenario required the full and willing cooperation of the federal government though, and the machine knew that meant there could be nothing left to chance.  Barack Obama and those who invented him must be given the superficial keys to the kingdom.


On September 17th, the McCain campaign went to bed with growing confidence in how well the campaign was moving toward the November Election.  Since the choice of Sarah Palin to be Vice President, John McCain’s numbers increased by 13 points according to Gallup.  The sleeping giant of conservative America, many who had grown weary and disenchanted during the Big Government republicanism of George W. Bush, was for the first time in decades, excited about the prospect of voting.  Barack H. Obama would never see the White House.


That all changed on September 18th.


At 11:00 a.m. that morning, the Federal Reserve issued an alert to the highest members of government.  Such an alert was at that time, unprecedented.  In no more than two hours, over a half TRILLION dollars had been withdrawn from the U.S. financial system. It was an incredibly quick and powerful draw down that included some of the largest Money Market accounts in the country.  The FED initiated a relatively small push back measure, injecting one hundred billion back into the system, a move that was clearly less than needed to stem the flow of money out, a flow that now threatened the entire global monetary market. Then the FED shut down the rescue operation, initiating instead an assurance all accounts would be insured up to $250,000.  This move managed the panic, but did nothing to lessen it.


It was in effect, a Federal Reserve stand down order, and the resulting impact rumbled through every financial system in the world and gave the Obama campaign the much needed and overwhelming panic among voters the machine had intended. The details (what little were actually shared) of the September 18th financial crisis didn’t come to light until after Barack Obama was sworn in as President of the United States, and by then, with the media drenching every television and radio program with how epic and wonderful was the moment of Obama’s ascension to power in America, few paid attention.


The machine was paying attention of course.  It was time to begin the many times over compounded repayment of the debt it had initiated in the first place.


Now some readers might already have known of the suddenly “missing” $550 billion on the morning of September 18th.  A former Pennsylvania Congressman by the name of Paul Kanjorski openly spoke on the subject in February of 2009 during Congressional testimony. Congressman Kanjorski described it as an inexplicable “electronic run” on the U.S. banking system, and soon after, there was quiet speculation of  it having been orchestrated by the Saudi government.  This speculation quickly died down though, and Congressman Kanjorski, who had served in office since the 1980′s, found himself serving out his final term, defeated in 2010 by his Republican opponent.


That is merely the first layer of the September 18th coup though reader.  Here is where things get truly interesting/frightening/disgusting…


Let us begin with the acronym FINRA.  You want a glimpse into the aforementioned machine, look no further than the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, a self governing body with alleged Congressional oversight. FINRA is not itself a governmental entity, but rather the financial system overseeing itself.  It is a very important appendage of the machine.


If over a half trillion dollars was to suddenly disappear in a matter of an hour or two on September 18th, 2008, FINRA would have to know, or at the very least, have access to the details.  Those details were never forthcoming, due in great part to members of Congress, and certainly the Obama White House, purposely avoiding the question.


Instead what the Obama administration did do soon after coming to power, was to place one Mary Schapiro as the first female head of the powerful SEC. (Securities Exchange Commission)  This move was heralded by the media as a sign of how the Obama administration wanted to appoint women and minorities to positions of power.  This kind of deception has become a foundational component to the Obama White House, allowing it the ability to appoint extremist elements throughout the federal government under the guise of “equality.”


I wish to now repeat what was just stated above for emphasis:  If over a half trillion dollars was to suddenly disappear in a matter of an hour or two on September 18th, 2008, FINRA would have to know, or at the very least, have access to the details.


Would you like to know who was head of FINRA on September 18th, 2008?


Mary Schapiro.


In 2008, Schapiro was granted a FINRA compensation package of $3.3 million dollars.  Upon leaving FINRA, she was rewarded with an additional $9 million “lump sum.”  That’s over twelve million dollars in one year for a job well done.


Her payment at the SEC was just over $160,000 per year.  Schapiro remained head of the SEC until Barack Obama was safely placed into his second term, leaving that position in December of 2012 to accept a position with the powerful Promontory Financial Group, a global consulting firm with strong ties to Middle East financial markets, as well as being a significant contributor to the “Group of 30″ another international financial organization founded by the Rockefeller Group in 1978.


As a related aside, the Promontory Financial Group’s Washington D.C. office is less than a block away from the Hay-Adams hotel featured prominently in the BENNINGTON P.I. novels.  The choosing of that particular location for the telling of Frank Bennington’s tale was no mere happenstance.

Now reader, I ask that you please watch the following video from beginning to end.  There are those out there, some of you among them, who have been pushing to get this and related information to any and all who might listen.  The more informed we become, the less likely this kind of manipulation of the system will be repeated over and over again.  The video outlines not only the shocking influence of Promontory Financial but also its apparently joined at the hip legal organization that counts Eric Holder among its partners,  Covington and Burling.  This influence is now metastasized throughout the federal government.


The coup of September 18th, 2008 is no longer underway – it is nearly completed.

The time for informed patriots is upon us…

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July 14, 2014
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Don't blame me, I voted Rove-Rumsfeld in 2008....


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