Author Topic: D.C. Whispers: Obama White House Attempts To Cut Off IRS Scandal Special Prosecutor  (Read 155 times)

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Here is topic #1 today within the corridors of power…

“Unofficial” discussions are now being undertaken between the Obama Department of Justice and members of Congress, including the leadership from BOTH parties regarding either a specific DOJ investigation into Lois Lerner (favored by Democrats and the White House), or to have the case turned over to a special prosecutor. (favored by some Republicans – but not the leadership)


The DOJ investigation would allow the Obama  White House to continue to control the flow of information regarding the IRS scandal.  A special prosecutor would not.  Lerner appears more than content to remain silent until the ongoing discussions between those who hold her future in their hands, is ultimately resolved one way or the other. That would likely change should a special prosecutor be appointed, but if the Obama DOJ is able to be granted control over the investigation, that silence will likely continue.

What initiated the uptick in discussions between administration operatives, and congressional representatives was the following just disclosed emails from Lois Lerner as reported by the Washington Post:


In a stunning revelation this week, it was disclosed that former IRS official Lois Lerner told colleagues,“we need to be cautious about what we say in emails” and then proceeded to ask the IRS IT department, in an e-mail, “if [instant messaging] conversations were also searchable.”  When she was told they were not, she e-mailed back, “Perfect.” This is a smoking gun e-mail in that it makes plain she had a cover-up in mind. There is no other plausible explanation.


This July 11th story by the Washington Post further consolidates the perception that the IRS scandal is well beyond the attempted dismissive “smidgen” description given to it by Barack Obama himself on national television.


Within this swirling mass of back and forth negotiations is a growing perception that John Boehner’s lawsuit declaration against the Obama administration is hurting the chances for a special prosecutor being appointed to investigate the IRS scandal.  The Boehner ploy has diminished the credibility of legitimate accusations against the White House, a fact being played up by administration officials and the president.

The White House is in effect, painting all criticisms against them as absurd, including those that are clearly legitimate.  They will continue to do so in the hopes of “running out the clock” and getting out of Dodge in 2016 while keeping their plan to make hundreds of millions of dollars post-presidency intact.

Posted byulsterman
July 12, 2014

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