Author Topic: “Why Not One? Why Not Zero?” Gov. Christie Vetoes N.J. Magazine Ban  (Read 204 times)

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On Wednesday last week, New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie (R) vetoed legislation that would have banned the possession of ammunition magazines holding more than 10 rounds. Such magazines are most commonly used in handguns and general-purpose semi-automatic rifles kept for defensive purposes.

Gov. Christie, who more than a year ago urged people to act like “grown-ups on this issue,” appeared to question the intellectual and emotional maturity of gun control supporters who pushed for the magazine ban. “This [ban] is the very embodiment of reform in name only,” Christie said. “It simply defies common sense to believe that imposing a new and entirely arbitrary number of bullets that can be lawfully loaded into a firearm will somehow eradicate, or even reduce, future instances of mass violence.” Christie added, “I will not support such a trivial approach to the sanctity of human life.”

Similarly, in a press release accompanying his veto, Christie said, “We will not settle for grandstanding reform in name only. . . . Mass violence will not end by changing the number of bullets loaded into a gun. It will end with a serious commitment to elevating our response to mental illness. . . . It will end by taking seriously our duty to incarcerate violent criminals, not by criminalizing the conduct of law abiding citizens to score political points.”

Responding to the unproven argument that a 10-round limit might save an 11th victim, Gov. Christie said, “If you take the logical conclusion of their argument, you go to zero, because every life is valuable. And so, why 10? Why not six? Why not

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