Author Topic: Michelle Promises Latino Group Barack Will Issue Executive Orders On Immigration: “We Can’t Afford To Wait For Congress”…  (Read 261 times)

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Via Breitbart:

In New York City, First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) convention, promising that her husband would act on his own to fix the broken immigration system.

“So make no mistake about it, we have to keep on fighting as hard as we can on immigration,” she said as the crowd cheered. “And as my husband has said, he’s going to do whatever administrative action it takes to fix this broken system.”

Obama reminded the attendees that they couldn’t wait for Congress to act on their future and urged them to seize opportunities on their own.

“We cannot afford to wait on Congress to lift up our next generation. We can’t afford to wait on anybody when it comes to our kids’ future,” she said. “Your grandparents and parents didn’t wait for opportunities to come to them. No, they packed up their families and moved to this country for a better life.”

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Saturday, July 12, 2014
Fight On!
Michelle's Mirror

Busy weekend here, so you’re on your own. Take your stream of consciousness for a walk. (And in response to yesterday’s petition, the answer is no. There will be no “simian reference” amnesty.)

To get you started, here’s a butt to butt comparison of the two First Ladies Of The Big ‘Ole Butt (FLOTBOB) at the League of United Latin American Citizens convention luncheon in New York yesterday:

Mooch and Jennifer Lopez

The first lady also reproached the Republican-run House of Representatives for failing to pass the immigration reform measures that have already cleared the Senate, and for its hesitance to approve her husband’s $3.7 billion emergency relief bill to alleviate the growing crisis at the Mexican border, where thousands of Central American youth continue to pour in illegally. She repeated her husband’s vow to use executive orders to bypass Congress and force-fix the undocumented situation.

“Make no mistake about it, we must continue to fight on immigration. As my husband has said, he is going to do whatever action it takes!” the first lady said to raucous applause. “We can’t afford to wait on Congress to lift up our children! We can’t afford to wait for anybody!”

Fight On! And may the best butt win!
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One of the reader comments to the Michelle's Mirror article, above:
Has Moo ever actually familiarized herself with the law she says is 'broken.' ? If it isn't being enforced who's to say it's 'broken'? And why oh why does she use the term 'we' when addressing Latinos? Does she consider herself Spanish now?

Well what can you expect from a moron who once said to a Black audience "when our grandparents were riding the underground railroad" ? Unless, of course, she was referring to the subway, which many of our grandparents did actually ride on.

All her statement shows is that if anyone is considered 'white' which is still the majority of Americans, she hates and opposes them.
A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.

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Pure and unmitigated bullshit.  Obama cannot "fix" our immigration system with "administrative actions" and by going around congress.  If that were true he would not need to ask for $4 billion to pay for this nonsense.

And who is this "we" she speaks of??  Is she packing some Guatemalan head lice around with her??

That so many people applauded Moose is even more troubling that what she says.


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