Author Topic: Man who was caught driving while disqualified is banned from getting behind the wheel until he turns 200 YEARS OLD  (Read 1096 times)

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Who says other countries are not tough on crime?

A driver who was banned from driving for 135 years has escaped a year in jail after he was caught behind the wheel last month.

David Browne, 61, would have to live to be 200 years old in order to legally drive a car again, after he was caught driving while holding a disqualified licence for the third time.

The Newcastle man was pulled over for a random breath test on June 16 when police realised he shouldn't be driving, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Driver banned for 135 years pulled over by RBT

Mr Browne received a 12-month suspended sentence in Newcastle Local Court yesterday.

'I could say basically I'm a stupid driver,' he said outside court.

'I've certainly learnt my bloody lesson.'

Mr Browne was banned from driving until 2049 after he was caught driving a bus for children for 22 days while his licence was suspended in 2006.

Just last week, Mr Browne had two years added onto his driving ban for another charge of driving while disqualified after an incident in March this year.

On Thursday the judge placed him on a good behaviour bond and disqualified him for an extra two years, meaning he cannot legally drive until 2053.

Mr Browne said he was 'very, very grateful' the judge did not give him a jail term.

He said he drove on June 16 because his son, a casual a Big W, needed to get to work urgently, the Newcastle Herald reported.

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For Aussies that's serious if one wants to travel anywhere outside one's city/town!
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