Author Topic: Barack Obama Taking August Off To Stay At $12 Million Dollar Vacation Home  (Read 289 times)

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Said it before, but I’m saying it again. I don’t begrudge anyone’s ability to vacation wherever the heck they want, but in the case of Barack Obama, he made a political living pitting the so-called 1% against everyone else, but he spends millions in taxpayer dollars on his own vacations and staying at some of the most exclusive homes in the world.  And given the myriad of problems throughout the world that have taken place on his watch, what is up with taking half a month off?

Just yesterday, the world saw images of the President Obama playing pool with more intensity than he has ever attempted to work to solve America’s problems…



Also yesterday was video of the president giggling like a school girl when asked by someone in Denver if he wanted to “hit this” referring to a citizen asking the President of the United States if he wants to get high.

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And now this report from the Martha’s Vineyard Times describing the president’s soon-to-be vacation digs:


The seven-bedroom, nine-bath, 8,100-square-foot house, sits on a 10-acre lot and is assessed at more than $12 million. It features 17 rooms in total, expansive water views of Vineyard Sound, an infinity pool and hot tub, and a dual tennis-basketball court.


With the year just over half over, Barack Obama has managed to squeeze in a month of high cost vacation time, as well as a myriad of weekend getaways.


1% indeed…


 Posted by ulsterman
July 10, 2014

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I can only hope the one really  making all the decisions takes that time off too. 

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And where will Mooch and the girls be jet-setting off to??  Surely, not the same place.   :whistle:

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