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White House: Barack Obama Not Responsible for what Barack Obama Tweets

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On July 8, 2014 @ 11:11 am In The Point | 9 Comments

You can’t hold Barack Obama responsible for what Barack Obama says. Or maybe there is no Barack Obama and Nixon’s fourth term is really going better than expected.

During Monday’s White House press briefing, spokesman Josh Earnest explained that he is unaware of whether or not President Obama reads the tweets that are posted from his verified Twitter account.

“The @BarackObama Twitter handle is maintained by OFA [Organizing For Action], that is the political organization that was the offshoot of the campaign,” Earnest told Jonathan Karl of ABC News, who asked whether the president reads or approves his tweets. “And that is a Twitter handle that is maintained independent of the White House.”

So no, Barack Obama has no idea what @BarackObama is tweeting and he may or may not agree with it because it supposedly runs independently, even though it’s his campaign. Or rather a SuperPAC funded by wealthy donors and spun off from his campaign.

So there’s Barack Obama, the White House occupant.

And there’s also Barack Obama, the brand, who is owned by OFA, which is just the Obama campaign.

And it’s not always clear which Obama is Obamaing it up, especially when he’s flying to fundraise using Air Force One, but we shouldn’t ask about that because then @BarackObama might call us racist, which Barack Obama might or might not disagree with…

… because he has no idea what his Twitter account is doing.

Also he has no idea what happened with the VA, Benghazi or ObamaCare. That was the other Barack Obama who was doing all that stuff.

The Obama who sneaks in at night, ruins ObamaCare, takes gobs of money from dubious donors, bails out their companies and unilaterally starts wars… before the ‘good” Obama who knows nothing about it wakes up.

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