Author Topic: American spies, double agents and the diplomacy of intelligence gathering By Tom Rogan  (Read 297 times)

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And Four, the continuing incompetence of American Intelligence services.
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And Four, the continuing incompetence of American Intelligence services.

Um - no. They screw up, sure. It's a damned big world and mistakes will be made, some of which will cost lives. Anyone who expects otherwise is living in a dream. But most of the time, well, it's like blaming a fire alarm when your house burns down, when you heard it and ignored it.

9/11 - that was warned about 2 months in advance. Pearl Harbor? The US had 6 days notice of that - they just didn't decode the cable until the day after the attack. The whereabouts of bin Laden? It was known for months before SEAL Team 6 went in and did the necessary. Benghazi? They knew an attack were coming at least two days before it hit, and there were hints months before.

The intelligence services always take the rap, especially the faceless guys at ground zero - but it's usually the  people getting the briefings that should be blamed.
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