Author Topic: VA Employees Pulled From Their Jobs To Process OBAMACARE Applications For ILLEGALS  (Read 268 times)

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VA Employees Pulled From Their Jobs To Process OBAMACARE Applications For ILLEGALS
 Sean Brown 07/03/2014

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A whistleblower from the Veteran’s Affairs will testify before Congress on Tuesday regarding the widespread destruction of applications, how the agency has retaliated against whistleblowers, and the shocking revelation that VA employees were pulled from their jobs processing applications for veterans so that they could process Obamacare applications last summer.

According to a report from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Scott Davis is a program specialist at the VA’s national Health Eligibility Center in DeKalb County, Georgia, and he made the bombshell revelation that VA applications were getting put on the back burner so that the Obama administration could work on hyping their enrollment numbers for Obamacare. From what Davis said, more than 10,000 veterans may have been improperly purged from the Health Eligibility Center’s national data system, which he says is linked to managers focusing on meeting their Obamacare goals so they could get their bonuses rather than processing applications for veterans in need.

Davis explained that “we don’t discuss veterans. We do not work for veterans,” that their customers are the White House and the VA central office, which he learned after being there for some time.

“The veterans are not our priority,” he said. They focus on the “big ticket items” coming from Washington, like Obamacare enrollment, rather than doing what their office was created for and assisting our nation’s heroes.

When he appeared on Fox News with Neil Cavuto, Davis went even further and said that 17,000 applications for VA healthcare had been destroyed, and there’s a backlog of over 600,000 pending applications that are being investigated which were purged in order to deal with the pressure from the Obama Administration.

Davis explained that their office is set up to process whatever applications are required of them, and they’re required to ensure at least 80% of them are completed within five days. So when the White House demanded they meet their performance goals for Obamacare applications, that’s when VA applications started getting shuffled to the side.

“There’s an acceptable percentage that we have to have, which is in excess of 80% for all applications that comes into that office. What you find is that there’s extensive pressure on the staff to process applications, to focus our attention to applications based on specific campaigns. For example, I shared with your producer that we actually put incoming applications aside so we could focus on the ACA related applications that came in over last summer. That’s wrong. We should treat each veteran equally and focus on applications, as they come in, not because of special campaigns coming out of D.C.”

It’s no wonder why there’s been massive waiting lists and veterans who can’t get access to the healthcare that was promised. The Obama administration was far too concerned with their enrollment projections being accurate for Obamacare to fulfill the promises made to these brave men and women.

What’s worse, is now it’s being reported that nearly 1.3 million of the 8 million enrollees in Obamacare might not even be American citizens. So not only did our vets get screwed so Obama could make his horrible law – and himself – look good, they were tossed to the side so over a million illegals could get healthcare they have absolutely no right to.

To create a situation where our vets couldn’t get access to the healthcare they were promised – and without question earned every last bit of – so that the Administration could give the appearance that the widely disliked Affordable Care Act was more popular than it actually was is reprehensible, and provides a very clear picture of how this administration regards our veterans; disposable.

Maybe if they crossed the border illegally and promised to vote Democrat, our veterans would be getting better treatment.

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