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JP Morgan Chase Demands Employees Promote LGBTs
« on: July 06, 2014, 06:44:45 AM »
JP Morgan Chase Demands Employees Promote LGBTs

July 5, 2014
By Sara Noble

If you want to work for JP Morgan Chase, you’d better be very pro-LGBT and you should be ready to network with LGBT organizations.

This is from their careers section:

LGBT Networks

In addition to the opportunities and guidance that our Proud to Be events offer you throughout the recruitment process, J.P. Morgan is committed to helping our LGBT candidates succeed once they get here.

When you join us, you will immediately start building your network. You can become a member of our firmwide LGBT business resource group, PRIDE, which engages allies, management and other business resource groups in promoting an inclusive environment within the firm. This consistently allows LGBT colleagues the opportunity to build successful careers and reach their greatest potential. It provides networking and development opportunities with both peers and senior management across products and functions, in a context that is enriching to your individual growth.

Today, with 25 chapters globally including a recently-launched chapter in Hong Kong, PRIDE continues to support the LGBT community at the firm. No matter what business you are part of or which region you sit in, members of PRIDE are here to help guide, advise and enrich your career. You’ll see many members actively participating in our student events, mentoring programs and many other firm-wide initiatives. We all have one thing in common – the desire to succeed and help others around us succeed as well. Your peers and network will be there to support, guide and celebrate your development as you progress – both professionally and personally.

Employees must not only support and accept LGBTs, they must be Proud to be actively engaged in the LGBT movement.

Breitbart found two current employees of JP Morgan Chase who were compelled to take a survey in which they were asked whether they were “an ally of the LGBT community.” The employees took it as a threat.

A survey goes out to its employees each year that usually addresses management and other mundane issues according to the employees who blew the whistle, but now they are seemingly asking for fealty to the LGBT cause.

They asked if the respondent were:
1.A person with disabilities;
2.A person with children with disabilities;
3.A person with a spouse/domestic partner with disabilities;
4.A member of the LGBT community.
5.An ally of the LGBT community, but not personally identifying as LGBT.

The employees were alarmed by question number 5. They have to put their employee ID in – it’s not an anonymous survey.

One has to wonder if this is legal and what it means for Christians who believe marriage is between a man and a woman.

Breitbart contacted the spokesperson for JP Morgan Chase and were told “We do not comment on internal surveys.”

Tolerance is the supposed goal of LGBTs, but it sounds more like tyrannical control.

LGBT rights are being treated as if they were Black civil rights issues and this is the 1960′s.

gay pride 2014

Gay pride march in Chicago, 2014

Businesses are getting on board the LGBT parade with great enthusiasm. Mozilla fired their new CEO because he once gave to a cause that supported marriage as between a man and a woman.

Burger King sold a gay pride burger called Proud Whopper during gay pride week. It had colorful rainbow wrappings and brandished the words, “We are all the same inside.” They promoted it with TV ads during gay pride week and have a slogan – Be Your Way – which one hears in localized areas populated with gays.

Believing in marriage as between a man and a woman is different from not respecting gays and believing they should have equal rights but gay marriage is being thrown into the same pot with bigotry and marriage is now viewed as a uniting of anyone basically.

These views will one day come back on the Christian community and they will be attacked as bigots. It is going to be a problem.
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