Author Topic: If Obama can Bus Illegals Across the Country, Why can’t He Bus them Back to the Border  (Read 115 times)

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If Obama can Bus Illegals Across the Country, Why can’t He Bus them Back to the Border

Posted 2 hours ago by Dave Jolly Filed under Corruption, Crime, Immigration, Law, Law Enforcement, National Security, Politics

A couple weeks ago, I shared with you the interview The Washington Times columnist Rusty Humphries had with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio concerning all of the illegals that the Obama administration is dumping in Arizona. Arpaio said that he believed it was a personal affront to him because of how the DOJ has targeted him in the past. In that interview, Arpaio said, referring to the Obama administration:

“I think they want controversy. I believe that this is leading to another executive decision by the president, especially if Congress doesn’t look at this problem, so maybe he’s trying to get the controversy so Congress will do something.”

And controversy is exactly what the administration is getting.

The Obama administration is spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to bus and fly illegals caught in Texas to other states such as Arizona, California and states in the Midwest. On the national news I watched as a plane full of illegals landed in Yuma, Arizona. The illegals on board were then going to be bused to other locations in Arizona and California.

After being bused to an immigration holding station, the illegals are fingerprinted and photographed. They receive health checkups and free vaccinations. Then they are interviewed and asked for the address where they are headed to live and if it is a real address, they are being released instead of deported.

In the latest round of controversy, the people of Murrieta, California rallied together to turn back three busloads of illegals from dumped in their small town. The protestors carried signs that read:

“Stop Illegal Immigration” and “Illegals Out!”

One Murrieta resident and protester told the local news:

We can't start taking care of others if we can't take care of our own."

Now Obama is flexing his executive muscles and threatening to use executive orders to allow the hundreds of thousands of people that are entering our country illegally to stay.

Have you any idea how much it cost to fuel and operate a passenger jumbo jet? I now that it costs taxpayers around $181,000 per hour to operate Air Force One and it’s about the same size as the plane that flew illegals from Texas to Yuma.

Diesel fuel for some strange reason, costs more than gasoline and the Obama administration is using numerous buses that run on diesel to transport illegals AWAY from the border instead of back across it.

Wouldn’t it be less expensive if the illegals detained on this side of the border and photographed and fingerprinted ONLY (we can’t afford to be the world’s free medical center) and then returned to their countries of origin? Gee, that’s what our immigration laws instruct us to do, but thanks to Obama, no one has to obey the law any more.

Why does Obama and his fellow liberals insist on wasting millions of taxpayer dollars transporting illegals INTO the country rather than spending only thousands of dollars to transport them OUT of the country?

It makes economic sense. It makes legal sense. It makes national security sense. It makes health sense. It makes job sense.

The only thing Obama is making is NONsense!

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