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McDaniel Team: Getting Close To Runoff Replay Number
« on: July 04, 2014, 06:22:56 AM »

Volunteers for Chris McDaniel say they’re found 4,900 voting irregularities in Mississippi, which is 69 percent of the 7,113 invalid votes they need to trigger a rerun of the June 24 runoff that gave the GOP nomination to Sen. Thad Cochran.
“Volunteers have examined election records in 51 of Mississippi’s 82 counties, and have documented more than 4,900 voting irregularities, the vast majority of which are ineligible crossover votes,” Noel Fritsch told The Daily Caller.

Fritsch also said the volunteers expect to find more invalid votes among the 19,000 absentee votes.

Hi kids! Once-Ler here.  "Vast majority"  What is that?  Why can't he tell me 4,900 irregularities, including 4,500 "ineligible crossover votes"...or is it 3,500 (71% of the irregularities) The McDaniel camp says the "vast majority" of their total "irregularities" are what they call "ineligible crossover votes."  Why include "irregularities" that are not "ineligible crossover votes?"  That is because he doesn't have enough "ineligible crossover votes" and he knew that after he counted the first 10 counties.

Do you think McDaniel volunteers first examined the counties that McDaniel won?  Do you think he is saving the best for last?  If you are sane, and you want to exclude Cochran votes you first examine the counties where Cochran got a lot of votes like Hinds where Cochran got 17,949 votes and Ranklin where he got 14,902 votes.  The counties you skip are the counties where Cochran got few votes.

Here are the 31 counties where Cochran got the least votes.

127 Issaquena
212 Wilkinson
283 Claiborne
261 Benton
321 Jefferson
326 Quitman
363 Tunica
389 Greene
401 Noxubee
486 Kemper
546 Jeff Davis
557 Sharkey
588 Tallahatchie
586 Montgomery
633 Franklin
650 Choctow
667 Perry
668 Holmes
680 Amite
719 Yalobusha
766 Wayne
798 Chickasaw
811 Holmes
812 Covington
815 Walthall
855 Jasper
870 Webster
901 Smith
904 Lawrence
926 Carroll
936 Clark

18,857 total Cochran votes left out of 191,508  The "vast majority" of votes have been examined.

McDaniel volunteers are excited about 19,000 absentee votes?  You can pretty much assume half of them are for McDaniel so we are talking about 9,500 Cochran votes.

There are not enough Cochran vote to find enough "ineligible crossover votes" in 31 of the whitest counties of MS.  It's over! And there is your dagger

If they can show a judge that they’ve identified at least 7,113 invalid votes, Cochran’s June 24 victory will be cancelled, and a second runoff will be scheduled.

Where is that written?  How do you prove "irregularities" equal invalid votes for Cochran?


But Cochran’s supporters dismissed the informal vote-count.

“We don’t think there is any way possible that there was anything close to 7,113 ineligible voters,” said consultant Henry Barbour.

“We believe the number of ineligible voters is in the hundreds… the McDaniel campaign is including clerical errors by poll workers on 6/24 that were clearly not ineligible voters,” Barbour told The Daily Caller.<snip> more at link

McDaniel is just stringing this along to make enough money to pay off his campaign debt.

Soon will come the time that Cochran will offer to pay off McDaniel's campaign debt for his endorsement.  And Thad will probably get it.
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