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No-News Drive-By Media Spins Jobs Numbers and Poll Showing Obama Is the Worst President Since WW2
July 03, 2014

RUSH: The job report came out today, and this is another great example of how the Drive-By Media, which really, I hate to be redundant, but there is no media anymore.  It's just Democrats assigned to work at what used to be newsrooms and news organizations.  Now it's just branch offices of the Democrat Party, or maybe more specifically, branch office of the White House.  They are actually extensions of the Regime.  The job numbers today, when you get down to the truth of them, yeah, there were 288,000 jobs created, if you dig deep, in the government's own numbers.

It's not good.  It's horrible, in fact, and it's not representative of any kind of legitimate economic recovery.  And it's not anything anybody has to make up.  It's right in the numbers.  The Drive-Bys are not telling you these numbers.  But you can find them.  They've seen them.  They're just choosing to ignore them so as to try to paint the Regime's economic recovery in a false positive.  It's the same way that they're treating the Quinnipiac poll that showed more voters see Obama as the worst president ever.  "Well, no, not ever, just modern times," they're saying.  The Washington Post headline: "Either Obama is the Worst President Since World War II, or Americans Just Have Really Short Memories."

"He can't be the worst.  It's just that people don't remember how bad the presidents before Obama were." Let me tell you something, folks, and this is something that's obvious.  All of these things going wrong, this is not coincidence.  This is not accidental.  It's not a quirk of fate that so much is going so badly for so long.  It's not a quirk of fate.  It's not cyclical.  It's not that we have had our best days and it's time we paid the price.  It's none of that.  This is happening because of the specificity of policies that have been put in place, particularly by Obama, but you can trace some of this back to the Democrats retaking the House and then having the legislative branch back in 2006. Well, they were sworn in in 2007, but the election was 2006.

You have to conclude that there's something that has not happened before going on, a bunch of things at the same time, for six years in a row now.  It's unprecedented.  And the news media is doing everything they can to shape it and form it in the way the Regime wants it.  Such as this Washington Post headline:  "Either Obama is the Worst President Since World War II, or Americans Just Have Really Short Memories."

Let's do the job numbers before I loop back here to that poll, 'cause the poll is a couple days old.  The job numbers, unemployment rate's down to 6.1%.  We've got close to a hundred million human beings, a hundred million Americans who are not working, and that number goes up every month.  And yet the unemployment rate is coming down, 6.1%.  The only way that can happen is if people, the way they calculate, the only way it can happen is if people who've been out of work for four years minimum give up trying to find a job.  Those people are no longer called unemployed.  They're just forgotten.  They're not tabulated.

So if you've been on unemployment for four years and you have given up trying to find a job, you don't get counted as unemployed.  That's the only way that they can keep the unemployment number going down, because it's expressed as a percentage of a very declining total workforce.  Now, the reported job numbers today show "increasing strength in the jobs market. June employment (according to the survey of businesses) rose by 288,000 jobs. The BLS revised their April jobs estimate from 282,000 to 304,000 and their May from 217,000 to 224,000."

So we are creating jobs left and right.  Man, oh, man.  We are just percolating.  We are smokin'!  We're steaming right along.  So the unemployment rate fell from 6.3 to 6.1%.  Well, you want the internals?

"The number of people aged 16 years and above who are not in the labor force increased by 111,000 this past month. While a somewhat lower increase than in months past, it still outpaces forecasted retirements."  The number of people 16 and above who are not in the labor force.  So another 111,000 people just left the labor force.  That's the labor force participation rate.

Remember the total job number now, 288,000, that's the big number they reported.  Got that in your head, 288,000?  Yippee, new jobs.  "The number of people taking part-time jobs because they cannot find full-time work increased by 275,000 this past month." Yeah, of course there's a lot of careers being built on that.  Two hundred and eighty-eight thousand new jobs, 275,000 are part time.  Ahem.

"In fact, the number of people employed full-time ... declined by 523,000 while the number of part-time workers increased by 799,000 (which includes those who wanted part-time and those who wanted full-time but could only find part-time)." Got that?  June full-time jobs plunged by over half a million.  Part-time jobs surged by 800,000.  That's the most since 1993.  Now, somewhere out there is this number of 288,000 new jobs that the Drive-Bys and their faux economist reporters are doing cartwheels over.  So 111,000 more people leave the labor force, 275,000 new part-time jobs this month.  The number of people employed full time declined by over half a million.  The number of part-time workers increased by nearly 800,000.

And the U-6 unemployment rate -- the U-3 number is that 6.1% unemployment number, U-1, U-2, U-3, and the U-3 number is what gets reported.  It is based on not counting people who have left the labor force because they can't find work.  The U-6 number does.  The U-6 number counts everybody not working, whether they're trying to find a job or not, or they have been out of work one month or five years, and the unemployment rate, the U-6 unemployment rate is 12.1%.  Twice as high as the number that is reported.

And then there is this.  One more little tidbit.  Teenage unemployment rose for the third consecutive month, 21% in June.  That's what it was back in February.  These are government numbers.  They are not think tank analyst numbers.  They are not partisan in any way other than the fact that the Regime may be doing something to them, but this is what's in the government numbers out today, 21% teenage unemployment.

Now, those people have to do something.  I mean, they've got to do something to fill up their day.  "During the last five-and-a-half years of the Obama administration, teen unemployment has been in the 20s range, reaching a high of 27.3% in October 2010.  It was in the 19-range only in April and May of this year.  When President Bush left office, the teen unemployment rate was 20.7%. One of its lowest levels back then was in May 2006 at 14.0%."  In recent years the best it's been is at 14%, now it's 21 and continues to climb.

So these job numbers are not indicative of a growing, increasing income producing job market or economy.  It just isn't happening.  There is not unbridled economic growth.  There is not unbridled job creation unless you want to talk about part-time work.  And then part-time work is factored in, let's talk about Obamacare.  They don't get it, at least through their employer.

Let's not forget this other thing.  The flood of illegal immigrants crossing the border, 700,000 a year, which is way more than the peak of the Ellis Island years, which was 193,000 a year.  There's no work.  There's no job market to absorb this many people, which is why part time is what is available.


RUSH:  Here, in a nutshell, is what you need to know about the jobs report number today.  This is what you need to know: 500,000 full-time jobs were lost in June while 799,000 low-paying part-time jobs were created.  That's the most since 1993. Those 800,000 low-paying part-time jobs, that's what you need to know. That's how you get close to the 288,000 number: 500,000 full-time jobs lost.

You're gonna see all day and all weekend as the Drive-Bys pump this up, "Wow, 288,000 new jobs! Five straight months of 200,000-plus jobs created! The unemployment rate is down to 6.1%! Wow!  Isn't Obama great?"  Blah, blah. Blah, blah. Blah, blah.  The number (and it's in the same report that that 288,000 number is in) is half a million full-time jobs lost in June, and 799,000 part-time jobs created.

Remember how we were told it was a lie that Obamacare would cause employers to drive people to part-time jobs?  Remember how we were all told that?  There were a number of us who pointed out that this is gonna cause employers to shift people from full time to part time so that they do not have to cover them.  The costs are gonna be so high that employers are gonna shift jobs.

They're gonna cut hours down to below 30 a week, making 'em part time so that they are exempt from the mandate that they be provided health insurance.  We were told that that was a lie, that Obamacare would cause that to happen.  We were told that there was no evidence of that happening!  Well, now we have the evidence.  We have the evidence.

We were told that that wasn't gonna happen.

"No, no, no, no, no.  Obamacare is gonna be so attractive to employers, it's gonna be so attractive it's not gonna cause that to happen," and it's been happening long before this. It just keeps growing.  More and more people are being converted to part time and losing their health care in the process, and they told us we were crazy for saying that.  They told us that we were nuts for thinking that. 


RUSH: I want to go to the Quinnipiac poll of a couple of days ago that shows more voters than ever in the last six years see Obama as the worst president in modern times.  I remember back when the Washington Post -- their headline, by the way, on this poll, "Either Obama is the Worst President Since World War II, or Americans Just Have Really Short Memories."  Remember when the Washington Post wrote up an article like this one at the bottom of this page here to defend Bush when he was found to be the worst president of all time, remember that article?

Yeah.  There was a poll that showed that Bush was the worst president and Bush approval numbers at 32%.  And I remember, I distinctly remember the Washington Post running a story saying, "No, no, no, no, the American people just don't have it right, their memories --"  I remember that.

No, I'm making it up.  There was no such story.  Here is the Reuters story, a very despondent Reuters.  "Two years into President Barack Obama's second term, more voters say they are dissatisfied with his administration's handling of everything from the economy to foreign policy, giving him the worst marks of any modern US president, a poll on Wednesday said. In a survey of 1,446 registered voters, 33 percent said Obama was the worst president since World War Two, while 28 percent pointed to his predecessor, George W. Bush, as the worst, the poll by Quinnipiac University found."

Now, folks, I have to tell you something.  In the White House -- and they live and die by these polls.  When they saw this, when they saw that fewer people think Bush was the worst president than Obama, I'm telling you, that's the kind of thing that will send them exploding through the roof, because Bush is the benchmark.  Bush is the justification for everything Obama says is wrong in America.  Everything is still because of Bush, everything going wrong, from the economy to Syria to Iraq, everything is Bush, the absolute worst human being to ever occupy the Oval Office. They have made their bones on that.  Obama is where he is because of that.

The news media and the Democrat Party got together again from basically 2004 on and did everything they could every day to drive Bush's approval numbers down, to drive up hatred of Bush, to diminish any achievement.  When Bush had unemployment of 3.3% they called it a recession.  Obama's unemployment rate's a phony 6.1% and we're in the biggest recovery you've ever seen.  So when they got a poll that shows more people think Obama's worse than Bush, this is the kind of thing that worries me, 'cause this will make 'em mad at us, at the American people.  These are vindictive, vengeful people, these Democrats, and when the people do not appreciate nor understand what the Democrats are trying to do for them, then there's going to be hell to pay.

You gotta remember, go back to 2008-2009, the year Obama was immaculated.  You remember those days?  Utopia was finally here.  We had vanquished this incompetent, stupid idiot that they had made Bush out to be, and we were gonna fix everything. We were gonna unify and we're gonna get rid of racism, and we're gonna get rid of partisanship, and we're gonna get rid of foreign policy mistakes. Everybody was gonna love us, 'cause we had just elected the smartest man that ever walked the earth. We had just elected a man unlike any who had ever walked the soil in the United States.

Anybody could make Obama into anything they wanted, stacked against Bush, who was the absolute glittering jewel of colossal ignorance, a walking parade of human debris himself. And now, six years later, the same American people that had been talked into hating Bush, the same American people that had been talked into blaming George Bush, now think Obama is even worse.  This is the kind of thing that would make James Carville re-grow his hair so that he could pull it out again.  This is the kind of thing that would just send them upside down in loop de loops.

"Voters were split over which of the two most recent presidents has done a better job with 39 percent saying Obama has been a better president than Bush and, 40 percent saying Obama is worse."  There's nothing in this that can make 'em cheer.  "'Over the span of 69 years of American history and 12 presidencies, President Barack Obama finds himself ... at the bottom of the popularity barrel,' said Tim Malloy, assistant director of Quinnipiac University's polling unit."

Now, Quinnipiac even tried to cover this up a little bit because I didn't actually read that to you the way Reuters wrote it.  Let me read it to you the way Reuters wrote it. "Over the span of 69 years of American history and 12 presidencies, President Barack Obama finds himself with President George W. Bush at the bottom of the popularity barrel."  No, because 33% have Obama as the worst, 28 Bush.  Obama owns the bottom.  He's not there with Bush.  Not tied with Bush.  Not even close.

So then the Washington Post: "Either Obama is the Worst President Since World War II, or Americans Just Have Really Short Memories."  Let me again get into some internals of the Zogby poll, which just happens to be focused on the same poll.  Some of these numbers are pretty -- well, you might find them stunning.  "Armed with new numbers that are depressing to an already deflated White House --" I don't believe they're.  Snerdley, do you think the White House is deflated?  I'm asking you because I know you look at everything through electoral politics and that prism.  Do you think that the White House is deflated? Obama and Susan Rice and Valerie?  (interruption)  So you don't think they're depressed at all?

See, I don't, either.  I don't think they care a whit.  They will be bothered by the Bush number for a couple of reasons.  But they don't care about this.  This poll isn't gonna stop Obama because public opinion is irrelevant.  It always has been.  Public opinion doesn't matter a hill of beans to Obama, and it doesn't now.  So I don't think the White House is deflated.  I think they're energized.

"Zogby on Wednesday found that most don't believe that Obama can lead the country and he compared the president to Bill Clinton following the Democrat's sweeping 1994." Now, again, I get stuck on this.  It took the American people six years.  I guess I'm just gonna have to live with this reality.  There's this thing about the office of the presidency in this country, and I guess it's a good thing overall, and it is that most Americans invest a lot of trust and a lot of hope and all presidencies start out with a lot of built-in forgiveness, the honeymoon period, great expectations.  Every presidency starts with a sense of ebullience.  It didn't for me because I knew what was coming, and I don't say this to brag, folks.  I say it actually with a tinge of disappointment and sadness.  I wish I were not the only one that saw it.  I wish it didn't take the American people six years to figure this out.

But then critics of mine would say, "Well, Rush, you can't expect people to act on what they don't even know.  I mean, you're out there saying Obama is a lib socialist and it's gonna result in X, Y, and Z.  Most people don't want to look at it that way.  They want to think it's gonna work.  They just elected the guy.  They think he's gonna be good, he's a new change from Bush.  You gotta look at it the way the voters look at it.  They do all this with a sense of optimism and hope."  I understand all that.  And so they're not gonna react to people warning them how bad it is.

I said it wouldn't take somebody if they understood the difference in ideologies.  I keep going back to that.  I think it's all about ideology.  People tell me, "Rush, this ideological rift, it's over. That's not how the country runs anymore.  The left-right paradigm, that's old hat.  That's not what America's about anymore."  It damn well sure is and the more people on the right and the more Republicans who start believing that there's no left-right paradigm anymore are gonna be buried because we are being dominated by an ideology.  We're being ruined by an ideology.  We're being assaulted by an ideology, and it's known as liberalism, progressivism, leftism, whatever the appropriate names are.

It does matter and the paradigm still does exist.  But I'm never gonna get over being frustrated that it takes six years.  And look, it took people a long time to see Nixon, too.  I need to understand this.  I don't want to open that can of worms because that's a whole different ball of wax.  But the Zogby poll.  I'm gonna get into some of the internals here to go along with the Quinnipiac poll.  Obama's support has dropped two points among men from 44 to 42%.  He has dropped four points with women, 49 to 45.  This job approval and support.

He has dropped five points in 30- to 49-year-olds, 51 to 46.  He's even dropped four points among Democrats, 81 to 77%. He has dropped seven points independents, 39 to 32%.  He's dropped even in the eyes of liberals by seven points, 83 to 76%.  He has dropped six points in Hispanics, 73 to 67.  And he's dropped 10 points in African-Americans, 86 to 76.  He's even down five points in union households.  Those are the findings from Zogby.  Zogby has his approval number overall a little higher than what it is in some other polls and Quinnipiac.  It's really, really bad out there.  And listen to this montage.

Here are the Drive-Bys reluctantly talking about this Quinnipiac poll.

LYNN BERRY:  Some voters think President Obama is the worst US president since World War II.  Thirty-three percent of people think Obama is the worst.

MAURICE DUBOIS:  Bad news for President Obama.  New poll shows that many Americans believe he's the worst president since World War II.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN:  The worst personal news President Obama's gotten in years.  A new poll showing President Obama is the worst president since World War II.

JOE TORRES:  The title of "worst US president."  President Obama has earned that dubious title in a new presidential poll.

CONTESSA BREWER:  President Obama's topping a new poll.  He's been named the worst president since World War II.

BOB FRANKEN:  ... the worst president since World War II.

BETTY LIU:  President Obama, the worst president of the postwar era.

ANTONIO MORA:  Obama much worse than Nixon and Carter?

RUSH:  Yeah.  Remember, that's what the Quinnipiac poll says.  Now, you heard that.  They are questioning it. They are a little shocked by it. They're saddened by it.  None of 'em are happy.  Nobody in that little montage was happy and regaling us with good news.  I want to take you back to this Wolf Blitzer montage on one day, March 13, 2016.

BLITZER, MARCH 13, 2006: It's 4 p.m. here in Washington. So you're getting the first look right now at our brand-new poll. The president's job approval rating has taken a downward turn AGAIN, falling to only 36%. [break] This represents his lowest rating ever in the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll. [break] The president's poll numbers are pretty bad, pretty awful right now, rock bottom as far as the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll. [break] The president's Iraq problem and his new low point in the polls. [break] His approval and policies now are at new lows. [break] The president's job approval number in this new CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll, rock bottom, the lowest it's ever been. [break] It's 5 p.m. here in Washington where President Bush takes a beating in our latest poll. His approval rating at a low ebb. [break] Our latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll just out in the past hour shows the president at an all-time low. [break] His job approval rating at a new low. [break] That's rock bottom as far as our poll is concerned. [break] It's 7 p.m. here in Washington. The war in Iraq comes home to roost for President Bush. Our latest poll numbers showing his approval rating at a new low. [break] Also: President Bush hits a new low in the polls. [break] Now back to our lead story: President Bush's approval rating now at an all-time low. [break] As we noted, a new CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll shows his job approval rating at a new low. [break] President Bush's approval rating at a new low, 36%.

RUSH:  None of that repeated.  Four p.m. to eight p.m., March 13, 2006, Wolf Blitzer could barely keep his pants up reporting this.  Can you imagine what would have happened on CNN that day if the news in the poll had been people had voted Bush the worst president ever since World War 2? 


RUSH:  You know, there's an interesting question about these polls that are showing really horrible news for Obama.  You have to ask yourself: How is it happening?  The Drive-Bys are not reporting any bad news for Obama.  The Drive-Bys are not hammering Obama like they hammered Bush.  The Drive-Bys, the media, is trying to cover for Obama every chance they get.  They're not reporting the news.

I mean, they're misreporting this flood of illegal alien children.  What explains it?  I mean, the Drive-Bys, it took 'em four years to drive Bush's numbers down to 30%.  But they're trying to prop Obama up. For six years they haven't talked about anything that would impact Obama negatively, so what must explain this?  It must be real life.  It must be that people are really living the mess that Obamacare is.

originalIt must be that people are seeing the real mess that this unchecked illegal immigration is leading to.  It must mean that people are really living not having a job.  It must mean that people are really living the rising cost of gasoline and energy and food.  It must be that people are actually taking note of how bad things are because they are experiencing it, and the Drive-Bys are not able to paper it over.

Now, you stop and think about that for a minute. That's gotta really upset the Drive-Bys.  This is not supposed to be happening.  These kinds of poll numbers are not supposed to happen to a Democrat president.  The Drive-By Media is there to make sure this doesn't happen.  They are there to prop up Democrat presidents; they are there to blame Republicans for the things that are going wrong.

They're there to blame the lack of cooperation. "Poor Obama! The Republicans just won't help him. Boehner is an idiot," whatever you want to say. But it's never, ever Obama's fault in the media.  He's not anything other than the smartest, most caring, deeply concerned, compassionate president we've ever.  Yet still his numbers are falling apart on the downside.  It has to be reality interceding.


RUSH: Here is Jim in Jacksonville, Florida.  I'm glad you waited.  Great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Rush, I pulled up the Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment report and went to Table A-1, and the actual numbers show that these are the non-seasonally adjusted or the hard actual count where they count the unemployed.  If the number of unemployed people in America went up, 450,000 people, that is 450,000 more people unemployed in June --

RUSH:  Right, right, but see -- (crosstalk)

CALLER:  -- in 2014 than May.

RUSH:  Right.  But as you said, these are the unseasonably adjusted.  This is before they work their magic and convert 450,000 unemployed to 288,000 new jobs.

CALLER:  Well, I mean, if you don't have a job and they tell you, well, don't worry about it, you're seasonally adjusted away, these people still don't have jobs. I mean, the hard numbers from the government where they actually counted the unemployed people, their own chart shows that 450,000 more people were unemployed in June of this year than in May of this year.  I mean, it's incredible.

originalRUSH:  Well, you'll find that's pretty much the case every month during the Obama administration.  But the seasonally adjusted is a formula and it's been around since before Obama, so that's not specific to Obama, seasonally adjusting things and then weighting various factors.  This has been done a long time, but the raw numbers are stunning, 450,000 brand-new people lost their jobs.  However, that's mitigated by seasonal things and by the time they finish running the formula, 288,000 new jobs are created.

I'm not gonna repeat. I went through all these hard numbers earlier in the program, and if you want to really get the truth about the job numbers just go to the first hour of this program at  (interruption)  Well, yeah, the bottom line is they're lying to us, but I want to be very clear here.  The seasonal adjustment of unemployment numbers or economic growth numbers, the only thing Obama has changed is the way GDP is calculated.

This unemployment business, it's been going on this way for I don't know how long.  You can't really lay that at Obama, but they may be playing further games with those numbers than have been played in the past.  It's bad enough without accusing them of anything.  If you want to talk about the raw numbers, listen to these.  Of the 288,000 new jobs they say were created, here are the areas that grew the most:  retail/trade, 40,000 jobs; leisure and hospitality, 39,000 jobs; education and health, 38,000 jobs; government, 26,000; temporary help service, 13,000.

Now, every job's a good job and I don't want to be misunderstood here, but those are not entrepreneurial, career-oriented fields.  They are for some, leisure and hospitality could be, but if you're looking at employees in those, those are transient jobs. You have that job for a while, move on to something else.  Retail/trade, you know, a clerk on the floor at Nordstrom's or whatever.  These are jobs that people have for a while and move on to other things, education and health.

You don't have really strong numbers in career oriented jobs.  It's just a shame.  (interruption)  That's the point.  Snerdley is shouting at me.  I would be shouting at you if I weren't so hoarse today.  The thing is that everybody knows there's not a growing economy because they're living it.  If the economy were booming like they're trying to tell us it is, you wouldn't have Obama showing up as the worst president since World War II.  You wouldn't have his approval numbers down barely above 40 and you wouldn't have him plunging in every political and demographic group if there were legitimate economic growth going on.

If the unemployment rate were really 6.1%, and it's such a fake number because it's meaningless.  The real number is the labor force participation rate. It's the lowest it's ever been since 1973 at 63%.  Sixty-three percent, that's all, of the available people who work, only 63% are.  And that 37% equals about 95 to a hundred million people not working.  So, yeah, you can tell, people are not living an expanding, growing economy.  Their incomes are not rising, wages aren't, health care costs are -- but the Drive-Bys and the Democrats are trying to paint a picture otherwise, and it doesn't appear to be working.  I think that's fascinating and telling.  Jim, I appreciate the call. 


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