Author Topic: Rush: Refugee Children at the Border are Not "Migrants," and the Protest Against Them Being Dumped Is Not By Racist Tea Party People Who Are "Anti-Immigration"  (Read 191 times)

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Refugee Children at the Border are Not "Migrants," and the Protest Against Them Being Dumped Is Not By Racist Tea Party People Who Are "Anti-Immigration"
July 02, 2014

RUSH: You know, speaking of these kids, when did they all of a sudden become "migrants"?  First they were "illegal immigrants," and then they became "undocumented workers," and then they were "unaccompanied children," and now all of a sudden they've become "migrants." Not "migrant workers," just "migrants."  You see Murrieta, California? Which that's down near San Diego, right?

A bunch of people down there said, "Just get 'em out of here. We don't want 'em here. Get 'em away," and so the media reports, " Tea Party! Tea Party! Tea Party racists! It's the bigot Tea Party that doesn't want these poor children in their neighborhoods." It's not the Tea Party.  It's the American people.  They're fed up!  We're being overrun here.  You know, I get so frustrated when self-reliance gets castigated.

"When did that happen, Mr. Limbaugh?"  I'll tell you when it happens.  You look at somebody down in their luck and you say, "Have you thought about trying to get a job?" and you get castigated for saying it!  It's insensitive and insulting to suggest that somebody take care of themselves now.  "Get a job."  "Oh, easy for you to say!"  Well, what else do we?  It's what everybody else does.

Self-reliance, taking care of yourself? If you suggest that, you somehow are a mean person now.


RUSH:  Half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair, also necessary, my skull not big enough to hold my entire brain, so we adapt.  Great to have you back, folks.

There's a typical headline here about what happened in Murrieta, California.  It's from Reuters: "Anti-Immigration Protesters Block Undocumented Migrants in California." That headline is a lie in several ways.  One, these people were not protesting immigration.  They were protesting illegal immigration and dumping, number one.  And then Reuters called these kids migrants. 

They aren't migrants.  It used to be illegal immigrant, then that didn't fly.  Then undocumented immigrant, then undocumented alien, then undocumented Democrat.  And now migrant children.  Oh, unaccompanied children and then migrant children.  They aren't migrants.  You know why they're not migrants, Snerdley?  What is the characteristic of a migrant?  (interruption)  No, they go home.  Migrants go home.  They come here and do whatever and then they go back.  There is no going back here by design.

Then the Reuters article goes on to say: "The migrants ... were sent to California to be assigned case numbers and undergo background checks before most were likely to be released under limited supervision to await deportation proceedings." Which is more BS because none of that is going to happen.  Even the PBS affiliate in San Diego, KPBS, admitted it.

"Following Tuesday’s standoff in Murrieta, ICE officials said that once the migrants are processed, they will be taken to a 'transition center' in Riverside County set up by a faith-based organization that would help the migrants arrange transportation to their final destinations and help them contact family members," parentheses, so they can join them.  They're being taken to Long Island.  They're being taken to Texas.  They're being taken to Arizona.  They're being taken to Murrieta, California.

They're not being deported, and they're not gonna be deported.  The law says, by the way, they don't have to be because they're coming from nations which are not contiguous with the United States, meaning we don't share a border with them.  That law went into effect in 2002, but we weren't facing an onslaught of 65,000.

Let me ask you all a question about the immigration that took place in the early 1900s at Ellis Island.  You know what the real purpose of Ellis Island was?  If you have seen The Godfather, maybe part two, not sure.  If you've seen it, then you might know.  If you don't know your history but you know your movies, you might know what the real purpose of Ellis Island was.  It wasn't to determine legal or illegal or national origin.  The primary purpose of Ellis Island was to stop anybody who was sick, infectious, or carrying some other kind of disease that could infect the communities in which they ended up.

Well, I have seen stories about the sickness and the disease that is arriving with these unaccompanied children. And I've also seen stories where doctors have been threatened if they report this.  But some of them went ahead and reported it despite the threats.  There were more things, of course, at Ellis Island that they tried to weed out, potential criminals and this kind of thing. But a large part of it was to keep deadly infectious diseases en masse out of the country.

Now, let's go to the audio sound bites.  Here is a montage of the protests, the people in Murrieta, California, who just didn't want these kids dumped in their neighborhood or town.

PROTESTER:  Go home!

PROTESTER:  Send 'em all back!

PROTESTER:  Go home!

PROTESTER:  Send 'em back!

PROTESTER:  You don't belong here!

PROTESTER:  Go back!

PROTESTER:  Thank you, Obama, thank you!


RUSH:  A microcosm of what is in people's minds all over this country.  Murrieta, California, is a middle class, upscale community.  And so of course the Drive-Bys tried to make a link between the protesters and the Tea Party.  Here's the old reliable Jim Avila on ABC's World News Tonight, a portion of his report about protesters blocking the caravan of the illegal alien children in Murrieta, California.

AVILA:  Protesters, some identifying themselves as from the Tea Party, blocking buses filled with about 175 undocumented immigrants who crossed the border in Texas, but are being sent to California for processing because the Border Patrol is overwhelmed.  The demonstrators, carrying signs asking the federal government to stop illegal immigration.

RUSH:  Some of whom identified and said they were the Tea Party.  That's all that was needed.  It's the Tea Party that's trying to stop this, i.e., the Republican base, i.e., the element of the population that embarrasses and frustrates and angers Washington. Those of us who are standing athwart history and saying "stop," those of us who are simply trying to defend the country and the Constitution, those of us just barely trying to hang onto our liberty, is who these people were representing in Murrieta, California.  And they are the bad guys.  They are the bad guys, simply speaking up, whether they know it or not, for their own sovereignty.  The buses were not blocked.  They were just rerouted to another processing center, pure and simple.

What was the total number of people, just a little pop quiz here.  I bet this is gonna surprise you.  What was the total number of people processed and entered the United States through Ellis Island between 1892 and 1954?  What do you think the number was?  I know it's a wild guess number.  I'm giving you no baseline.  The reason I'm asking is 'cause I betcha that most people think it's just a huge number.

Twelve million immigrants from 1892 to 1954, 12 million.  You hear, "Well, we are a nation of immigrants."  We are.  The people who say that we're a nation of immigrants want you to believe that we are all immigrants because none of us were here originally.  The Native Americans were, and look at what happened to them, because we're such rotten SOBs.  That's the modern thinking, that we're all immigrants.  And so who are we to all of a sudden now that we're here to tell these precious, sparkling examples of human dignity, that they can't come?

Yeah, yeah, stole California, stole Arizona.  Oh, yeah, there's nothing about us that's legitimate.  None of us and none of what we did is legitimate and that is the guiding thought in the minds of quite a few Americans.  But I was surprised when I learned only 12 million immigrants entered the country through Ellis Island.  I would have thought it'd be 45 or 50 million, based on the pictures I've seen in the reporting and just the overall attention given to this whole "we are a nation of immigrants" thing.  But it's only 12 million people.

My point in mentioning this is that we've never, ever had open borders and welcomed everybody and anybody who wanted to come, and all of a sudden have turned into rotten, mean SOBs. It's always been that we have strictly controlled who got in, for their own good and ours.  Standards.  You can't have that anymore.  You can't be judgmental.  Nobody's better than anybody.  Nobody is more competent.  We're all the same, and we are all insignificant.  Unless we are all joined and pooled together, at which point we become a wonderful community.  But individually we don't count for a thing, is the modern thinking of modern liberalism.

And so we have no right.  Who are we to say we're better?  Who are we to say they can't come?  We had to force our way in with guns.  We forced our way in here.  These people are coming peacefully, want a better life, and you won't let 'em come?  So this is the way you tar and feather the founding of the country, the discovery of the continent.  This is reprehensible.

Now, here's the mayor.  This is Alan Long.  He's the mayor of Murrieta, California, Steve Doocy -- let me take a break.  We'll get to these bites when we get back.  Steve Doocy on Fox & Friends talked to the mayor of Murrieta. 


RUSH:  Next time you're in New York, you really need to take one of those Circle Line tours to go out and see the Statue of Immigration.  No, it used to be the Statue of Liberty, but that's not what it is.  It's a Statue of Immigration.

That's what the Statue of Liberty always meant anyway. Bring me your poor, your hungry, your tired, your thirsty, your sick or whatever, bring 'em.  It's the Statue of Immigration, as far as today's Democrat Party is concerned.  Statue of Liberty?  Maybe it used to be.  But liberty, it's a foreign concept.  Takes too much responsibility.  It's too risky and, ah, it's not for everybody.  But immigration, it is.

Here's the mayor of Murrieta, named Alan Long.  Steve Doocy asked him, "Why did you want to stop that bus of those kids?"

LONG:  The residents stopped the bus.  We were back in the office keeping track of our action plan, making sure we had contingencies in place.  This was a passionate community that cares deeply about what happens in their community, and they're exercising their constitutional rights. We had police officers out there to make sure everyone was safe, including those who come through Murrieta.

RUSH:  He also said this.

LONG:  The concern is, while originally they told us 500, we just simply did not have the capacity to do that; that number is reduced to 140 every 72 hours with no end date.  There's no certain end date.  So you look at the amount of immigrants coming across our borders. They had 50,000 in the last six months. There's been 30,000 visas issued by the Mexican government on their Southern border for immigrants to pass through Mexico to the United States.  There's just no end point.  We don't see this stopping any time soon.

RUSH:  They told us 500.  We don't have the capacity, is the bottom line. We can't absorb, what are we supposed to do with them?  We do not have the capacity.  There's not an endless pile of money in this town and there's not just vacant buildings and people to care for these kids sitting around twiddling their thumbs doing nothing waiting.  We don't have the capacity or the ability.  And there's no end to it, which is the point.  There is no end to it.  And in the middle of this, who is it that are the heartless? Who is it that has no compassion?  It's the people in Murrieta, California.  It's just obscene.  It is not compassionate to dump these kids in this country like this, and that's exactly what's happening.

You can't dump your dog on the street in most of America, but you can dump 50,000 kids from Central America.  And then let what happens to... (interruption)  Well, what do you mean, now I've done it?  You mean of everything I've said so far today, that is the icing on the cake?  (interruption)  I was not comparing the children to dogs! I'm talking about the difference in law.

It is illegal to dump animals, pets on the street.  You can't just dump 'em and walk way.  If discovered, there's a problem.  But you can dump kids. (interruption) Well, what are they doing here?  My point is, it's illegal to dump kids, too!  But they're not enforcing that.  (interruption)  Mmm-hmm. (interruption)  Oh, yeah.  I think the liberals love the photo-op. I think the liberals love the chaos.  You mean the people protesting the bus?  (interruption)

Oh, yes! It's made to order.  At the White House, they're salivating.  "Poll?  What poll?  Did you see what happened at Murrieta?  No way we can lose this.  Look!  All of these people say 'no' to bunch of kids?  We are sitting pretty!" It's all by design.  This is not traditional political warfare that's going on here.  This is not two parties with competing ideas, the Democrats and Republicans.

This is one party that is literally trying to destroy this country as founded and make it something else, and is not honest about it, and the opposition party doesn't have the guts to face that reality and thus deal with it.  So it's left to the people of Murrieta, California, to stand up and say, "Stop!" and they end up being the bad guys.  Yep.  Oh, I guarantee you they love that sound bite.  They love the photo-op.

At the DNC, at the AFL-CIO, at the Service Employees International Union, at the White House, in Harry Reid's office, in Nancy Pelosi's off, they love that.  Those pictures are gonna be on the wall. "Look what we did! One of our greatest achievements: Bringing the people of Murrieta, California, out of their homes and offices to protest a bunch of kids." It's a major, major success story.

The media is celebrating, "Look what we've pulled off here."  Absolutely. No question.  But what are they to do?  They're trying to stand up for their community, for their constitutional rights (which, again, are teetering). It still stuns me.  Five out of nine people -- and barely five!  One of the five wasn't sure! Five people thought the First Amendment of the Constitution still means what it says.


RUSH:  Let's go back to the phones, find out what excitement lurks behind the blinking lights on the console.  This is Mike in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Greetings, sir.  Welcome to the program.

CALLER:  Thank you, Rush.  It's a great honor to speak with you.  A quick question for you.  When are those on the right going to encourage people, citizens, noncitizens, but mostly citizens, actions that do not, shall we say, coincide with current law?  So, for example, I am a soldier and my opinions are my own, not any part of the DOD, but I'm wondering when somebody's gonna encourage soldiers who carry valid concealed carry permits to carry on post.

RUSH:  Uh, why do you need somebody to encourage you?

CALLER:  Well, the policies of the DOD prohibit soldiers from carrying on post who have valid concealed carry permits, civilian concealed carry permits.  MPs can carry, but soldiers cannot. So in order to prevent incidents like the Fort Hood shootings, whereas of course you may be aware that the laws were changed in the beginning of the nineties to not allow soldiers to carry their own personally owned weapons on post.

RUSH:  Right.  So you want to know when somebody on the right's gonna encourage soldiers to do that or engage in other lawlessness like the left does in order to fight what the left is doing?  Is that your point?

CALLER:  Exactly.  Right.  That's just one example of many things, but, you know, we could go into tax law. We could go into lots of different things where laws seem to be in conflict with the Constitution itself.

RUSH:  Well, look, this is kind of a tough question, although I get the overall point you're making.  You're basically asking, when is the right gonna start fighting fire with fire?

CALLER:  Exactly.

RUSH:  But there are people that flout tax law every year, and some of them for political, constitutional, ideological reasons.  You know there are people out there who think the government doesn't have the right to collect taxes and they don't pay 'em and encourage other people not to.  The IRS eventually finds 'em.

But I think what you're really asking is, it seems like every day we turn on the television and some leftist group is out protesting something and causing a ruckus and causing people trouble, and it always results in the targets caving and giving in 'cause they don't want the hassle.  And you want to know, when are we gonna start doing it? When are we gonna fight back? When are we gonna start pressuring them instead of always being the victims?

This is a question that has come up in many ways, many forms during the history of this program.  And the answer has always been, we're too busy working and accepting the responsibilities of life.  And of course, we respect the law even when we don't agree with it.  We obey it and we then want plaudits for it.

We sit around and we wonder why the people who are not, purposely not doing the right thing, end up winning and being rewarded.  If I've heard it once, I can't tell you the number of times I've had parents complain to me about how they've tried to do everything right by their kids.  They have tried to work and provide for them. They have tried to educate them, keep them as best as they can on the straight and narrow, it's a constant fight, and they look around and they see other parents not caring and other kids just doing all kinds of things, and they themselves end up being blamed as rigid and unforgiving and intolerant and they don't understand it.

They're following the law. They're trying to be moral. They are trying to maintain a cohesive community and the people that are opposed to all that seem to be getting all the plaudits and the credit.  So it's largely the media.  I mean, I don't know.  It seems you will find near the base of every one of these problems, the media.  The media is just a huge, huge obstacle to overcome.  But I just don't think it's in the nature of people that you're talking about -- call 'em conservative or whatever -- it's not in their nature to break the law, purposely.  It's not in their nature to cause civil disobedience.  It's not in their nature.

But, the time may be coming. There's a breaking point for everything.  A little microcosm in Murrieta, California, yesterday.  A lot of social science experts think that it's really only a matter of time before there is an eruption against the current status quo as defined by the American left and the Democrat Party.  And then furthermore there are some people who think that that's exactly what the modern Democrat Party wants.  The more chaos, the better, because the more chaos, the more demands will be made on government to fix it.  And the way government fixes everything is to limit somebody's freedom, restrict somebody's freedom, in the name of safety, or in the name of peace, like limiting what people can say in the name of security or what have you.

So that's why the battle in the past has always been for hearts and minds.  The battle's always been to try to create a majority of educated, informed, thinking people to simply outnumber at the ballot box and in communities and so forth.  It's a tough battle because liberalism is a gutless choice.  It doesn't take anything to be a liberal.  It takes no application of any kind.  You don't have to be smart. You don't even have to agree to fix anything.  All you have to do is point to suffering and say, "Oh, isn't that horrible," and you're a great person.  It's the easiest thing in the world.  You never have to fix anything.  All you have to do is make people think you care about whatever is wrong. 


RUSH: Here's Virginia Beach, Virginia. Welcome to the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush.  It's Joanne in Virginia Beach.

RUSH:  Joanne! How are you?

CALLER:  I'm doing fine. (chuckles)  I know it's not one of your 10 favorite names, which just might be why you stumbled on it, but --

RUSH:  No, no!  It's not up there.  It just says "Virginia Beach."

CALLER:  Okay.

RUSH:  I know that's not your name.

CALLER: (giggles) No.  I saw on the DC Gazette -- it's so insidious -- that Obama made it possible for these children to come into this country illegally.

RUSH:  The DC Gazette?

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  There's a story in there?

CALLER:  There's a story in there about the health care workers that are in there. Their cell phones are being taken away from them.

RUSH:  Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

CALLER:  They're not supposed to talk to people about what's going on in the camps. These kids are loaded with diseases that we pretty much eradicated but they're coming back because we're not using Ellis Island anymore!

RUSH:  I know.  I saw that story and I made mention of it earlier, and the people -- the doctors and nurses, everybody -- are being told they cannot report what they're discovering.  They're being really intimidated.  Some of them are reporting it anyway, which is how we know this.  Joanne, I appreciate the call. 


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