Author Topic: John Kerry Told Russia It Had 'Hours' to Back Off in Ukraine. That Was Five Days Ago.  (Read 223 times)

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The entire World laughs at John Fing Kerry who is far more enthused with himself than anyone else is.  He is an international joke and an obvious shill for a cowardly, ignorant and completely useless Preezy of the United Steezy.  He is a deadly serious joke in Israel right now over these three dead teens.  Kerry has been very busy harassing Israel on behalf of the so-called "Palestinians" who elected Hamas to represent them, that he is being widely blamed for these three deaths.

Putin has had Obama's number since day one of his Immaculation, and he treats Kerry with more out front contempt than he did the Hildebeest, whom Putin pretty much ignored all together.  He never took her seriously and paid her no mind at all.

The consequences of this morbid joke will be in the coming punch-line, most likely to be delivered in the Middle East and could likely involve a nuclear brush war. 

This is the true Obama legacy we are watching come together.

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In Cosmic Mean Time, they still have time to spare. :silly:
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Lurch is out of his league when he does more than answer the door...
Hillary's Self-announced Qualifications: She Stood Up To Putin...She Sits to Pee

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