Author Topic: AUSTRALIA’s Woolworths stores pandering to Muslims  (Read 214 times)

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AUSTRALIA’s Woolworths stores pandering to Muslims
« on: June 28, 2014, 05:51:14 AM »




AUSTRALIA’s Woolworths stores pandering to Muslims

Unknown‘Happy Ramadan’ signs showing up across 239 Woolworths supermarkets has caused outrage among many offended customers who are threatening on social media to boycott the stores.

Daily Mail  (h/t Allan I) The supermarket chain’s Facebook page was bombarded by comments from customers threatening to boycott the stores displaying the signs in areas with large Muslim populations, according to the Herald Sun.


‘The number of stores participating this year is slightly higher than last year.’ But the Australian Conservative Truth blog hit out at Woolworths saying the company ‘backs islamic terrorism and slaughterfest of Ramadan – declares war on Aussies’.

‘Just when you though (sic) Australia couldn’t get any more crazy, now its number one grocery store, Woolworths is promoting islamic terrorism – wishing people Happy Ramadan (and event which usually involves mass murder by muslims around the world and a barbaric slaughter of helpless animals at the end (countless pictures of blood soaked events on the net)’ the blog said.


This is not the first time the public has erupted over the supermarket chain’s celebration of the Islamic fasting festival that runs for a month until July 27. Customers expressed their disgust last year when signs were displayed across some stores.

Mick Lamb commented about the signs at the Mirrabooka store on the company’s Facebook page on July 8 last year. ‘Please take down references to Ramadan. It is offensive,’ he posted. ‘Your Mirrabooka store is promoting cruel and barbaric halal ritual slaughter of animals by promoting it.’

Muslim-Eid-al-adha-festival-e13674336525991 AU  On the supermarket’s Facebook page, one person accused the chain of “pandering to a minority”. Another said: “I find this kind of advertising OFFENSIVE, as an Australian & as a female!!!”. And another said the signs were offensive to her beliefs and she would boycott stores where they were displayed.

Woolworths spokesman Russell Mahoney said the promotion was running in 239 stores around Australia.

Islamic Council of Victoria secretary Ghaith Krayem welcomed Woolworths’ promotion and said people who opposed such initiatives did so out of ignorance and unsubstantiated fears.
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