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7 Wildly Offensive Sports Team Names Obama’s Cool With
« on: June 27, 2014, 06:51:43 AM »

7 Wildly Offensive Sports Team Names Obama’s Cool With
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Written by Doug Giles on June 20, 2014

In typical foot stomping fashion, the fascistic Harry Reid and one Barack Hussein Obama, evidently leaned on the US Patent office and got them to 86 the Washington Redskins’ trademark registration, calling it ‘disparaging to Native Americans’.  And when they say ‘Native Americans’, they mean Elizabeth Warren who claims she’s an Indian because she once saw one when she was six years old.

Interestingly enough, has been told by inside sources that Obama, Reid and the other whiny control freaks do not have any problems with the following sports team’s names nor their mascots. Check it out…

1.The ‘Mississippi Creepy Ass Crackers’ baseball team whose mascot is some inbred white Bubba sporting a sleeveless shirt with three teeth and an IQ of 50.

2.Berkeley, California’s soccer team named, ‘All Christians Suck’, whose mascot happens to be a bearded drag queen that runs around the field grabbing his crotch and holding a cross upside down.

3.The ‘Obama Bootlickers’ of Portland, Oregon whose mascot happens to be a Chris Matthews look-a-like who stands on the sidelines quivering his leg like Elvis every time Obama’s name is mentioned, also happens to be an appropriate trademark.

4.The ‘Nashville NSA Spies’ appears to be cool with BHO and the boys with their hacked cell phone mascot that mysteriously turns on and off.

5.The Illinois ‘IRS Leftist Thugs’ are also muy bueno to Obama. We have been told that Barack even designed their mascot’s uniform after a destroyed hard-drive.

6.Arizona’s ‘Dead Vets’ came under a little scrutiny in the last few years but were declared inoffensive to the administration because, well…they don’t care about our vets or what we think.  Their WH approved mascot is a door with an ‘out to lunch come back when it’s too late’ sign with a big middle finger on it.

7.And lastly, another team name that passed the Obama muster was the ‘San Francisco Sasquatches’ whose mascot is a giant Michelle Obama who lurches out onto the field like Iron Maiden’s monster, Eddie The Head, used to do during their concerts.  Barack was actually overheard at a Sasquatch game last year saying, “Now that’s some funny sh*t” when she strode out on the field during halftime scaring children and snatching hotdogs from the fans’ hands.

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