Author Topic: 350 Pounds of Obama Voter… Living Off YOUR Dollar, Reproducing, and Voting  (Read 221 times)

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350 Pounds of Obama Voter… Living Off YOUR Dollar, Reproducing, and Voting

This woman is not hirable. Therefore I work every day to put food on her table and pay for her bus rides around town, her housing, her free obama smart phone, her clothes, her medical needs and her party life.

 Obama says I must spread my middle income wealth in order to support this woman.

 After all, we must keep her healthy and mobile so she can get to the polls and vote for Hillary.

 This woman may not know much but you can rest assured, she knows to keep democrats in office so she can continue to live the life style of leisure to which she has grown accustomed.
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There is nothing in the video that shows this woman is living off welfare as opposed to a trust of some sort, a meager inheritance, a working partner, or a legal award for any number of horrible accidents.  Being on a bus alone does not indicate she has children.  Nor does it show she votes.

It could be true but it is not proven by this video.  She could also live off drug dealing and prostitution which doesn't really cost the tax-payer like a welfare handout, but I'm not going to say that about a protected class, even if I actually believe it, because I don't want people to think I'm a racist.

Writing an inflammatory headline doesn't make it true, but it sure attracts web hits and more ad revenue.  I suggest you avoid this writer.  He is not telling you the truth, and he doesn't respect the intelligence of the reader, or rather he is counting on the reader's ignorance.
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