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History shows that Islam is a religion of war
« on: June 26, 2014, 08:02:13 AM »
History shows that Islam is a religion of war 
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 June 20, 2014 12:00AM

 ISLAM is described as a religion of peace, yet 1400 years ago it spread rapidly by the sword across the Middle East under the leadership of the prophet Mohammed. 
The vanquished were given three choices: convert to Islam, live under subservient dhimmitude paying the jizya tax, or be put to death, usually by beheading.

During the numerous Islamic conquests in the Middle East, North Africa, India and Europe, not forgetting Islamic Spain, there were plenty of beheadings, while harems were well stocked with enslaved young females.

Before the Islamic conquests, the Byzantine empire, which succeeded the Roman empire in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, was Christian — as were Egypt and parts of North Africa. The Islamic armies of the Ottoman empire were even at the gates of Vienna.

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, Boko Haram, the Taliban, al-Qa’ida in the Islamic Maghreb and others, today follow in the tradition of bloody jihad as apologists put their politically correct spin on these events while we are deafened by the silence of the Muslim majority.

Traditional Islam is a religion of war, a totalitarian ideology, hell-bent on establishing a world caliphate under the rule of sharia, with the demise of Western democracy. What will happen in the future has its roots in the past.

Terry Coupland, Toowoomba, Qld

THERE are two essentially false commentaries that seek to distort the trouble within the Islamic world, and also to paint an uncompromising vision of what Islam is.

First is that Islam has a single, intolerant interpretation. Yet it is quite apparent that Muslims around the world hold different views. But within and between various nations and cultural groups, a host of beliefs flourish. Islam has always entertained diverse theological viewpoints and it still does.

Second is that “moderate” Muslims are not true Muslims because they deny the existing negative view; the biased aren’t interested in presenting a positive image of Islam. Yet Islam as a tolerant and enlightened faith held sway for centuries. Crusader kings acknowledged its wisdom.

We are inexorably tied to Islam; it provides markets for our agricultural and mining products, it provides a source of capital investment in our economy, and there are hundreds of thousands of peaceful and productive Islamic Australians. Extrapolate that out to the world, and what you have is 1.5 billion Muslims, the majority willing to embrace personal freedoms, and keen to advance their well-being.

Arbitrarily painting Islam in a negative light does not assist the cause of moderation. The confronting problems of Islam can’t be isolated or excised; we must actively participate in finding a solution.

Our best option is to honestly appraise what Islam can achieve, and to support those whose positive and enlightened view of the future for their faith aligns with our own concepts of justice for all.

Stephen Morgan, Carina Heights, Qld

WHAT is it that allows Sunni adherents of the religion of Islam to undertake appalling murderous behaviour while praising their God?

The graphic presentation of this appalling behaviour has been filmed with pride and in its horror is equal to the footage of Nazi executions at Babi Yar in the Soviet Union. It would be appropriate for the media in Australia to show the film of this appalling behaviour of ISIS terrorists executing blindfolded prisoners in cold blood while chanting “God is greatest”. Do these religious zealots know no moral boundaries?

Greg Angelo, Balwyn North, Vic

I DISAGREE with Greg Sheridan’s entreaty not to abandon Iraq (“A bloody mess, European-style”, 19/6). Of course the Western military should stay out of Iraq, just as it has wisely stayed out of Syria. Let the partisans there sort themselves out and fix their borders accordingly.

The genie is well out of the bottle; international terrorism and its influences are here to stay and our agencies must continue to fight it tooth and nail at home, on our borders and abroad in co-operation with agency partners.

But it is fantasy to believe that terrorism and fanaticism at home can be prevented or minimised by our military picking sides or attempting to “de-havenise” in countries such as Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan.

Paul Nolan, Lota, Qld
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