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Hillary Clinton Tries to Salvage Poor Book Sales w/European Tour

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On June 25, 2014 @ 10:30 am In The Point | 12 Comments

Hillary Clinton, 40% off for members

Hey Europe, hope you’re in the mood for a poorly ghostwritten book by a politician you don’t care about. Even Americans didn’t exactly line up to buy Hillary’s Hard Choices or her hard luck stories of poverty. Europeans probably won’t either.

But Hillary will still try to flog some copies on the continent.

Hillary Clinton will swing through Europe early next month to promote her new memoir about her time as secretary of state, her publisher said Tuesday.

The book, “Hard Choices,” came out the week of June 10, when it was released in the United States, and in France and Germany, where Clinton will make appearances in July. It was also published in Canada, where Clinton has held events, as well as in India, the United Kingdom, Australia and the Netherlands.

Doesn’t France have enough problems already?

“We can think of no other recent book written by an American leader to receive such an enthusiastic international reception,” said Jonathan Karp, president of Simon & Schuster.

Clearly Karp hasn’t seen Joe Biden’s latest memoir, “Me Talk Pretty One Day”. It’s only 50% plagiarized from Neil Kinnock. (The other 50% comes from Gerhard Schroeder)

Hillary Clinton’s camp has trying to push back on reports that “Hard Choices” has been a bust sales-wise.

The book has sold less briskly than Clinton’s first memoir, “Living History,” did in 2003. But officials at her publishing house have called comparisons to the first book unfair, citing a changing climate for book sales.

According to Bookscan figures cited by Buzzfeed, “Hard Choices” has sold almost 100,000 hardcover copies.

Which is really poor even compared to Hillary Clinton’s early sales. She is underperforming herself.

The memoir’s sales pale in comparison to Clinton’s first memoir, “Living History,” which sold 438,000 copies in its first week and Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue,” which sold just over 467,000 copies in its first week.

But Hillary can always look to Europe to bail out her book sales. The Clintons have always counted on the kindness of foreign donors.



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