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Totally ‘In Touch’ Bill Clinton Laughs About Buying 14 Fancy Swiss Watches

Posted By Brendan Bordelon On 8:58 PM 06/25/2014 In | No Comments

He just can’t help himself.

One day after Bill Clinton insisted his family’s wealth doesn’t make him or Hillary “out of touch” with regular people’s economic reality, the former president found himself happily recounting the 14 expensive Swiss watches and “two rugs” he bought to hand out to friends.

Clinton spoke at a Denver meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative on Wednesday, where the moderator asked him about a visit he paid in April to a Detroit-area watchmaker selling ritzy Swiss watches for $550 a pop.

“I don’t know how many you bought, Mr. President,” the moderator asked with a grin. “20, 30 of these watches? Whatever it was?”

“My group did,” Clinton replied. “I bought 14 of them that month.”

“Oh, you really did?!” the surprised moderator replied.

“Yeah, and two different rugs,” Clinton smiled. “I bought five at Christmas and nine when I was there, and I just give ‘em away and hope I make you more customers.”

“Heh,” the moderator replied, looking uncomfortably at the audience. “I had no idea, I thought I was just pulling his leg.”

It’s unclear whether the Clintons hand out the fancy watches while mingling with regular folks at their local grocery store — an activity he claimed he and Hillary routinely indulge in during a “Meet The Press” interview on Tuesday (RELATED: Bill And Hillary Still Touch).

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