Author Topic: "Where's the President's Outrage or Sense of Duty to Protect Our Country and Secure Our Border Here?"  (Read 233 times)

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"Where's the President's Outrage or Sense of Duty to Protect Our Country and Secure Our Border Here?"

Posted on June 24, 2014 by Dave Jolly Filed under Amnesty, Corruption, Crime, Drugs, Immigration, Law Enforcement, National Security, Terrorism

These are the words of Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.

Pinal County is at the southeast corner of Maricopa County and is often considered, for statistical purposes, as part of the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale-Tempe metropolitan area. The county contains all of one Indian reservation and parts of three others. More notably, the county is home to the Arizona State Prison which is located just outside the county seat of Florence. Florence is only 140 miles, highway driving, north of the Mexican border. Other parts of the county are within 70 miles of the border.

Babeu has hard evidence that the drug cartels are using armed and unarmed scouts to monitor the trafficking of drugs into Arizona and the United States. He says the scouts are adult illegals who live in the various mountains for up to a month. They are equipped with food, water, binoculars, encrypted radios, cell phones and some use solar panels to recharge their batteries. Many are unarmed, but some carry assault rifles like the AR-15 confiscated upon the arrest of the drug scout.

From their lofty vantage points, they monitor the movements of Border Patrol agents and local law enforcement officers, especially along Interstates 8 and 10 that run through Pinal County. As many as 100 drug scouts are operating in the county at all times.

According to Babeu:

"They have binoculars looking for my deputies to see if the coast is clear. If the coast is clear, they tell the cartels to bring up the drugs further. They pass them to the next mountaintop, where another scout gives them direct line of sight. They can see for 10 miles."

"It's almost like I'm talking about war-torn Afghanistan. Where's the president's outrage or sense of duty to protect our country and secure our border here?"

"They're passing through my county on their way to their destination, metro Phoenix. It's their platform for smuggling drugs and people across the country.

"We are, in the country, the No. 1 pass-through county for drug smuggling."

In February, a Pinal County Sheriff’s Deputy stopped an illegal Mexican for a traffic violation. When the officer stopped him, the 22 year old had 600 pounds of food, water and other supplies that he was taking to drug cartel scouts to resupply them. The illegal was on a cell phone at the time of his stop. Sheriff Babeu described what happened next, saying:

"He hangs up phone and tells the deputy that 'they're watching us from the mountains now.'"

The scout pleaded guilty to his charges and told deputies that he was paid $4,000 to help supply the scouts.

After the incident, Babeu’s department launched a sting operation to locate and arrest as many of the drug scouts as possible. It should be no surprise that he has received little cooperation from the federal government. Their lack of care or support, prompted Sheriff Babeu to say:

"Instead of the president putting up signs warning American citizens that it's not safe on American soil — as laughable as this sounds — why don't we write them in Spanish and face them towards Mexico, warning the cartels not to come in here?"

We need to start asking our politicians in Washington why we are sending our troops to other countries to protect and secure their borders when we don’t even bother to secure or protect our own? Obama’s open border policy is not only allowing tons of illegal drugs and millions of illegal aliens to cross the border, but it’s also providing an open highway for any would be terrorists.

A number of ranchers along the border have reported finding Muslim prayer rugs, Qurans and other Islamic items left on their property. This makes our unsecured borders a matter of national security. Obama’s refusal to do anything to secure the border is tantamount to dereliction of duty and possibly treason. We must force Obama to secure and protect our borders or we must arrest him for his crimes and remove him from office.

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"Where's the President's Outrage or Sense of Duty to Protect Our Country and Secure Our Border Here?"

The president happens to stand 180 degrees opposite of the position that any president intent on carrying out his Constitutional duties would stand.

I've got some advice for you, Sheriff Babeu:

Call up "the citizen militia" of your state. Any and all citizens who are capable of bearing arms and willing to participate.

Send 'em to the border, with support and oversight.

And when some "federal" from DC orders you to stop, tell them to go to hell. Tell them to get out of your jurisdiction. If they won't, arrest them and escort them out of same.

If they threaten violence, get folks with cameras (doesn't have to be from the media) to start recording everything. Remind the federal how things are going to look on tv when folks see the federal government attacking state law enforcement people (along with the citizens) trying to PROTECT their state.

Otherwise, be prepared to live with the consequences of doing nothing.

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A little flashback to Feb 2013

Napolitano: U.S.-Mexico border more secure than ever

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