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Wisconsin Spent $2,000 In Federal Funds To Send Bureaucrats To WHITE PRIVILEGE CONFERENCE

Posted By Eric Owens On 9:16 AM 06/24/2014 In | No Comments

Wisconsin’s state-level education department spent $2,000 in federal disability education funding to send eight employees to the White Privilege Conference that occurred March 26-29 in Madison, Wis.

The MacIver Institute, a free-market think tank, discovered the expenditure.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is headed by Tony Evers, a Democrat, The Wall Street Journal notes.

Officials with the department rationalized the $2,000 expenditure by suggesting that the White Privilege Conference would help bureaucrats in America’s Dairyland address disabilities among people who are not white.

The “Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires States and Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to take steps to address disproportionate representation of racial/ethnic groups in special education,” explained special education assistant director Terry Ehiorobo, according to the Journal.

Ehiorobo then suggested that the White Privilege Conference “provides current research on issues and topics related to some of the root causes around racial disproportionality.”

This year, the 15th annual self-flagellation conclave brought together a sea of some 2,400 white people to talk about how guilty they feel about the color of their skin. (RELATED: White Privilege Conference Wastes Thousands Of Taxpayer Dollars This Week)

The conference focused on “white supremacy, white privilege and oppression.” Advocates of “white privilege” preach that all white people carry and utilize “an invisible package of unearned assets,” as inconsequential feminist Peggy McIntosh first put it in a 1987 essay.

Participants who bought their own tickets to the four-day confab the paid over $400 each for the privilege of hearing obscure leftists rant about privilege.

During one conference session, former high school English teacher and current activist Kim Radersma described teaching as “a political act,” notes the Journal. She reportedly declared: “If you don’t want to work for equity, get the bleep out of education” and “find another job.”

Radersma also told attendees that “being a white person who does anti-racist work is like being an alcoholic.” (RELATED: White Privilege Conference: Being White Is Like Being An Alcoholic)

Another highlight shows “white privilege” theorist Leonard Zeskind informing white educators and students: “The longer you are in the tea party, the more racist you become.”(VIDEOS: White Privilege Speakers Call Third Graders RACISTS, Accuse Bush Of Ignoring Hurricane Because Of BLACK PEOPLE)

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