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You Are Not Going To Believe What Oprah Just Said About Michelle Obama…

This is a behind the scenes look...

Avatar of B. Christopher Agee   B. Christopher Agee — June 23, 2014

Oprah Winfrey   

In a follow-up to his bestselling Obama exposé, ‘The Amateur’ author Edward Klein is back with a new book detailing the animosity between the Clintons and the Obamas.

One particularly interesting passage in the book, titled ‘Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas,’ includes quotes from media mogul Oprah Winfrey, in which she lets loose on the current first lady and Obama advisor Valarie Jarrett.

“They’re always badgering you for something,” Klein quotes Winfrey as asserting. “I’ve spent much of my life fending off powerful and not-so powerful people who want things from me. But these two women are something else again. They’re walking agendas. Their wish list never stops.”

According to Klein’s account, Winfrey described spending time with the pair as “tiresome.”

Furthermore, the book alleges the one-time vocal Obama supporter now feels “slighted” by the first family.

Klein cites one of Winfrey’s friends who claims the treatment she has received since Obama’s inauguration has not only been “thoughtless,” but “unfair and hurtful.”

In contrast, Klein concludes Winfrey is far more loyal to expected 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. While fielding endorsement requests from potential nominees including Joe Biden, the book states Winfrey is considering joining forces with a Clinton candidacy.

“I have a much warmer relationship with Hillary than I do with either Michelle or Barack,” Winfrey reportedly said. “The Clintons make me feel at ease 100 percent of the time. But even when the Obamas think they are being charming, they hold you at arm’s length. They make me jumpy, even when they obviously don’t mean to.”

“Bill and Hillary have both had long talks with Oprah,” Klein quotes one source in his book. “They’ve made it clear they’re planning a run for the White House and would appreciate her support.”

The insider further states that the Clintons hope to receive the same enthusiastic endorsement Winfrey gave Obama in 2008.

“They think her support is worth a million votes, and maybe more,” the source reportedly stated. “Hillary says she’s convinced that Oprah is going to come on board.”

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