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How have we allowed this hideous enemy in our midst to flourish?

By  David Craig, on June 23rd, 2014

As we witness the wonderful folk from ISIS spread their own charming form of I*l*m through Syria and now Iraq, our leaders have suddenly realised that we have allowed a monster to develop in our midst. Yup, after decades of telling us that uncontrolled mass immigration and multiculturalism have been good for Britain, it has finally dawned on some of our hopeless leaders that we will soon be seeing carnage on Britain’s streets as ‘British’ M**l*ms return from fighting abroad and decide to rid our country of as many of us worthless, heretic, decadent, irreligious kaffir as they can.

A couple of days ago, I showed the results of opinion surveys conducted amongst Britain’s 3.3 million M**l*m community:
•30% prefer to live under Sharia law
•28% wish to see Britain as an I*l*mic state
•78% want the people who published the Danish cartoons punished
•68% want British people who insult I*l*m arrested and prosecuted
•19% believe the Jewish Holocaust did not happen or has been exaggerated
•45% think that 9/11 was a conspiracy by America and Israel
•36% are convinced Princess Diana was killed to stop her marrying a M**l*m
•56% think it likely that British M**l*ms will become victims of extreme religious persecution
•22% agree that the July 2005 London bombings were justified because of British support for the war on terror:
•13% can understand why young British M**l*ms might want to carry out suicide operations

Of course, we’re told by our leaders that “the vast majority” of ‘British’ M**l*ms are peaceful, though we seldom see leaders of the M**l*m community condemning their co-religionists’ violence. But let’s believe our leaders’ assurances and still crunch a few simple numbers:

- Supposing 90% (“the vast majority”) of ‘British’ M**l*ms are peaceful, then that ‘only’ leaves 10% (330,000) who hate us

- Supposing 99% of ‘British’ M**l*ms would not support those who want to commit violent acts against us, then that ‘only’ leaves 1% (33,000) who would help those intent on violence

- Supposing 99.9% of ‘British’ M**l*ms would not think about committing terrorism in Britain, then that ‘only’ leaves 0.1% (3,300) who would like to act against us

- Supposing 99.99% of ‘British’ M**l*ms would not actually commit terrorism in Britain, then that ‘only’ leaves 0.01% (330) who will actually try to kill us

- Supposing 99.999% of ‘British’ M**l*ms never harm us, then that ‘only’ leaves 0.001% (33) who will successfully commit terrorism in Britain.

Instead of accepting our leaders’ constant bleating that “the vast majority” of British M**l*ms are peaceful, we should be really worried about the infintessimally small minority (0.001%) – 33 people – who will succeed in attacking us.

This is not complex mathematics. It’s a pity our leaders and our media have never dared doing these simple sums as they’re afraid of the inevitable conclusions.
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