Author Topic: WaPo: Individual Right to Gun Ownership Created by Supreme Court in 2008?  (Read 133 times)

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WaPo: Individual Right to Gun Ownership Created by Supreme Court in 2008?

Posted on June 23, 2014 by Jimmy the Torch | Leave a comment

It is the job of the members of the Supreme Court of the United States to adjudicate each case brought before them in a non-partisan manner.

This of course is not possible, and makes us just one Marxist Judge away from stripping We the People from our right to own and bare arms. 

Kagan was asked to recuse herself when ObamaCare was to be heard by the Supreme Court, she failed to do so, thus further stacking the deck in favor of Obama Care.


In their Senate confirmation hearings, both Sotomayor and Kagan agreed with the passage of  Heller and McDonald v. Chicago (2010) the matter was settled, yet both have voted for more gun control when cases were brought before them. 

Both lied!

by AWR Hawkins June, 23  2014

On June 22 Washington Post reporter Robert Barnes argued that the Supreme Court created the individual right to keep and bear arms in 2008, via District of Columbia v. Heller.

No attempt to grapple with our Founding Father’s words or intentions was made, but Barnes did make clear his belief that Justice Anthony Kennedy will be key to restricting the right the court allegedly created.

Barnes makes this point by citing UCLA law professor Adam Winkler, who notes Kennedy voted with the majority in Heller, thereby “establishing the individual gun ownership right.”

But Winkler also contends that “it was Kennedy who insisted” the decision “contain language” making clear the court “was not calling into question reasonable restrictions on gun ownership.”

Winkler subsequently suggested the court’s finicky appetite toward gun cases since Heller and McDonald v. Chicago (2010) is a reflection of “concern about the way Justice Kennedy is going to go [in future cases].”

For Barnes, like Winkler, Kennedy is key to restricting “the fundamental right the court found six years ago.”
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D.C. v. Heller didn't create the individual right to gun ownership, it clarified the meaning of the Second Amendment to remove prior doubt that it applied to individuals as such and not just to organized "militias".

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