Author Topic: Migrant Army Massing at the Border[Shelters in Mexico 'Packed' with Migrants Blocked at Border, Waiting for Declaration of Amnesty]  (Read 242 times)

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Migrant Army Massing at the Border [Shelters in Mexico 'Packed' with Migrants Blocked at Border, Waiting for Declaration of Amnesty]

The humanitarian crisis deliberately created inside the U.S. border by Barack Obama's amnesty policies is horrific enough, but it could get a lot worse.  Not all of the children flung against our border in the current migratory wave are getting through.  The Arizona Republic has the story of one kid who didn't make it... and ended up parked in a Mexican city ripped by drug gang violence, within sight of the Rio Grande, which his parents thought he could win a jackpot of free citizenship and social benefits by crossing:

Fourteen-year-old Brayan Duban Soler Redando left Honduras in April after hearing a rumor that children who can make it to the U.S. are being given permission to stay so they can go to school.

He traveled alone all the way from the village of Quebrada Maria on the Caribbean coast of Honduras, through El Salvador, Guatemala and then Mexico. To reach Reynosa,, Brayan begged for bus fare, hopped trains, walked, hitched rides and even swam at night across a river between Guatemala and Mexico.

But in Reynosa, Brayan ran out of money to pay smugglers to take him across the Rio Grande.. And now he, like many others following these false hopes, is stuck in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, in shelters like Senda de Vida, which sits on a hill overlooking the Rio Grande in this border city.

Shelters like this one are packed these days with migrants planning to cross the river and enter the United States illegally.
They are part of an unprecedented tsunami of families and children traveling on their own from Central America trying to reach the United States through the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, where the Border Patrol has been overwhelmed by the surge.

Wait until you see the "surge" that hits if some amnesty-laced "comprehensive immigration reform" passes, or Obama undermines U.S. law with another executive order granting special privileges to underage illegals, like the orders that summoned today's tsunami.

The really weird part of this article comes when the Arizona Republic tries to explain to readers how the dream of amnesty drawing all these illegals is a "false hope," and it's just an amazing coincidence that so many people simultaneously decided to drag their children across the border at this particular moment, or even send them on a thousand-mile migration unattended:

Doris Martinez, 46, left Honduras on April 24 with her 5-year-old daughter, Anni, traveling most of the way by bus. Anni has Down syndrome. Before leaving, Martinez heard that the U.S. government was giving women traveling with children "permisos" — permits — to stay in the U.S. if they could make it across the river on their own.
The rumor isn't true. The U.S. government has been releasing parents traveling with children because detention facilities in the U.S. have been overwhelmed by the surge in Central Americans traveling with children.
After being processed, the migrant families are dropped off at bus stations in McAllen and other cities, including recently in Tucson and Phoenix. They are given notices to report to U.S. immigration authorities once they reach their destinations.
U.S. Department of Homeland Security officials have stressed that even though the migrant families from Central America are being released, they remain in deportation proceedings.
Nevertheless, the rumor that women with children will be allowed to stay permanently was reinforced for Martinez after some relatives of her husband crossed the Rio Grande illegally in March. They were released after being detained for a few days and allowed to continue on their journey to the East Coast.

So the rumor that you'll be allowed to stay in America is totally not true.  What will actually happen is that you'll be briefly detained by the U.S. government, and then dropped off at a bus station and told you must pinky-swear to keep in touch with U.S. immigration authorities after you reach whatever city you feel like dispersing to.  You'll spend the next year or so hearing the occasional stern reminder that you're technically in "deportation proceedings," even though nobody is getting deported - we can use airplanes to distribute the new illegals across the United States, but we can't just fly them back to their countries of origin, you see. 

And during that whole time, you'll watch the news, and just about every day you'll hear American politicians falling all over themselves to explain why we can't solve our illegal immigration problem through deportation, so there must be a special "pathway to citizenship" for those who made it across the border, especially if they're the industrious young "Dreamers," brimming with so much more promise than our sluggish native-born children.  You'll hear that any American politician who opposes the "pathway to citizenship" is a selfish xenophobe who probably doesn't stand a chance in the next election. 

Read more at link:
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This is horrible. I don't know what is worse this happening or the powers that be letting it happen??????  I read these kind of things and it makes my heart break and my blood boil!!!!!  I think I best get offline and go outside. Strawberry hunting sounds like a plan!!!  :seeya:

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This is right out of "The Camp of the Saints".

In that book, the foreign invasion came in an armada of ships.

This time around they're using a different mode of transportation, but the invasion is real. A recent image:

C'mon, all you "immigration reform" guys, the ones who seem to try to interject "the voice of reason" into any immigration discussion saying that we have no choice other than "immigration reform" ???

Again and again I ask --- where are you?
Why aren't you responding?

It wouldn't make a single bit of difference what kind of "immigration reform law" gets passed. It could be quite restrictive, mildly restrictive, it matters not. So long as the left remains in power, they have no intention of "enforcing the border" again. For all practical purposes, they are DISMANTLING the border, trying to create a vacuum into which these hordes from the south will pour.

This is an attempt to "stuff" the country with so many illegals that it will become impossible to deal with them in any other way than "legalizing them by default".

It's an attempt to wipe out any distinction between legal and illegal immigration. If they can succeed in making illegal immigration the norm (and they are well-doing that now!), it will render the notion of "legal" immigration to be moot and unenforceable. Thus, no more boundary between "legal" and "illegal" immigration. There will be only .... immigration. Get here, touch American soil, and "you're in". We'll give you free welfare, medical care, education for your kids, along with the right to vote. And we'll keep the benefits coming -- SO LONG as you vote for us!

This looks to be our future:
No more border to the south.
No distinction between the illegal and the legal.
No border enforcement.
No more deportations.

"The West is the best. Get here, and we'll do the rest...."
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