Author Topic: Migrant Army Massing at the Border[Shelters in Mexico 'Packed' with Migrants Blocked at Border, Waiting for Declaration of Amnesty]  (Read 257 times)

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This is horrible. I don't know what is worse this happening or the powers that be letting it happen??????  I read these kind of things and it makes my heart break and my blood boil!!!!!  I think I best get offline and go outside. Strawberry hunting sounds like a plan!!!  :seeya:

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This is right out of "The Camp of the Saints".

In that book, the foreign invasion came in an armada of ships.

This time around they're using a different mode of transportation, but the invasion is real. A recent image:

C'mon, all you "immigration reform" guys, the ones who seem to try to interject "the voice of reason" into any immigration discussion saying that we have no choice other than "immigration reform" ???

Again and again I ask --- where are you?
Why aren't you responding?

It wouldn't make a single bit of difference what kind of "immigration reform law" gets passed. It could be quite restrictive, mildly restrictive, it matters not. So long as the left remains in power, they have no intention of "enforcing the border" again. For all practical purposes, they are DISMANTLING the border, trying to create a vacuum into which these hordes from the south will pour.

This is an attempt to "stuff" the country with so many illegals that it will become impossible to deal with them in any other way than "legalizing them by default".

It's an attempt to wipe out any distinction between legal and illegal immigration. If they can succeed in making illegal immigration the norm (and they are well-doing that now!), it will render the notion of "legal" immigration to be moot and unenforceable. Thus, no more boundary between "legal" and "illegal" immigration. There will be only .... immigration. Get here, touch American soil, and "you're in". We'll give you free welfare, medical care, education for your kids, along with the right to vote. And we'll keep the benefits coming -- SO LONG as you vote for us!

This looks to be our future:
No more border to the south.
No distinction between the illegal and the legal.
No border enforcement.
No more deportations.

"The West is the best. Get here, and we'll do the rest...."
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