Author Topic: Stunning: DHS solicited bids for vendor to handle 65,000 unaccompanied minors -- IN JANUARY!  (Read 311 times)

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One interesting thing I've noted in this forum in the past days since this invasion of illegals became known:
I don't see postings here anymore to the tune of, "we need immigration reform because it's the only choice we have", or "we need immigration reform if we're to curry favor with the Hispanics".

That meme certainly seems dead.

There are a number of folks here who used to put that up, whenever the subject of the illegals came up, and the question was raised to wit, "what are we going to do about this?" And their answer ALWAYS was, "we have no choice now but to pass immigration reform".

I sense these folks are learning about the futility of "immigration reform", in a way similar to Jimmy Carter got re-educated about the Soviets after they invaded Afghanistan.

What's going on here is intentional, and to a greater purpose, but that purpose isn't obvious to many.

Permit me to explain.

The left (that means the current DC government, for what it's worth, including ALL the administrative and regulatory agencies) is going to use this "crisis" to change what the perceived concept of "immigration" is.

Currently, there is "legal" immigration, and there are those who enter the country illegally. The left realizes that to win, it must wipe out the concept of "legal" immigration, and by doing so render "the motions" of entering the country "illegally" moot, and meaningless.

If they succeed (we seem to be headed in that direction right now), there will no longer be "illegal" immigration because it will have become impossible to enforce "legal" immigration.

The end result will be only "immigration", without the modifying concepts of "legal" or "illegal".

In practical terms, that means that anyone who can cross the southern border will become an "immigrant" by virtue of simply getting here.

The left stands a very good chance of success, for two very important reasons:
1. There is no effective "border" any more, and
2. The concept of "deportation" seems to be becoming passe.

We do not and can NEVER AGAIN have an effective border until we construct a solid border barrier to thwart most attempts at entry. If the federal government is no longer willing to do this, then the border states must.

Texas, in particular, is in great danger. Unless the hordes are kept out, Texas is going to "turn to the blue" much quicker than it might have otherwise. I sense that this, too, is a "part of their plan".

The final step may be for Obama to declare some sort of "blanket pardon" at the end of his term, for all those who have crossed the border up to that point. Before you jump in and say that he doesn't have the power to do this (that is, to issue a pardon to a group of individuals vis-a-vis a single named individual), how did Jimmy Carter manage to do it regarding the draft-dodgers?

To repeat, it almost seems as if all this is "a part of the plan".

How are they going to be stopped?

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