Author Topic: Obama Lies, America Dies: The Turd Tyrant’s Newest Whopper  (Read 211 times)

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Obama Lies, America Dies: The Turd Tyrant’s Newest Whopper

Posted on June 19, 2014   

The lies this lying liar tells are going to grow that nose from Washington to China if he doesn't let up
—The lies this lying liar tells are going to grow that nose from Washington to China if he doesn’t let up

The Washington Times is reporting that during a phone call with the president of Mexico, US President Barack Obama told him that recent border jumpers would not be allowed to stay in the US, including children.

If Obama really did say that (there’s no transcript of the alleged call), then it’s just proof that Obama is incapable of telling the truth.

President Obama told his Mexican counterpart in a phone call Thursday that immigrants crossing into the U.S. illegally won’t qualify for legalized status or deferred deportation, including children.

The rest of the story is just the usual crap, reported in that neutral tone of voice that reporters learn in journalism school. The best part of it, if you visit the link, are the comments. Samples:

Anybody notice that Obama habitually lies? Why would this situation be any different?

Could we convince all the illegal alien invading children to take with them three or four of the adult illegal alien invaders who have been sucking the life out of America. They don’t want to be Americans, they’re here for the freebees. Jail every last employer of these cheating, lying invaders. Confiscate and sell everything until all taxes and penalties are paid, then tar and feather them.

The value in knowing about those plans is that you can solve the riddle of why many ‘republicans’ won’t do anything to reign in the criminality. We are an occupied nation and all the distress we are experience is by design. Obama’s only the closing pitcher, they’ve been running the game on us for some time. You don’t think all our industries just ended up in china by accident do you? All the banks that looted our economy? And the patriot act they we knee jerked to pass for Islamic terrorists, formed the DHS they now trains to take on American citizens who love the constitution, are pro life, and/or Christians. While our gov arms Al Qaeda in Syria, Libya and now Isis is Iraq, and they move in to Christian villages and behead those who won’t convert. These are systematic steps that don’t just happen. We have good people still in the system, but it is dangerous for them to oppose the lawlessness, and pointless if we the people don’t give a crap anyway.
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