Author Topic: The 1,100 year worldwide struggle to abolish the effect of the Islamic slave trade (Timeline)  (Read 159 times)

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The 1,100 year worldwide struggle to abolish the effect of the Islamic slave trade (Timeline)

Posted on June 15, 2014 by Admin   1 Comment

Muslims slaves were traded practically everywhere around the world. They expanded their slave raids wherever they could, often by entering through deception invited as foreign guests, and ending as thieves and mass murderers. Muslims amassed enormous wealth, not by innovation and contribution, but by selling slaves and acquiring booty, capturing kuffars who had to pay jizya. Those who could not afford jizya were either forced to convert to Islam or killed. Those who could provide jizya continued their trades and skills, under oppression and daily threats and harassment.

Muslims committed over 560 uninterrupted attacks and slave raids along the European southern coastline for more than 1,000 years in effort to expand Islam. This lead to the Christian crusade – the heroes of preservation of democracy and freedom – and an effort to extinguish Islamic expansion throughout Europe. Later the same battle as made to stop it spreading to South America, where Muslims tried to infiltrate and convert people through violence. Muslims beheaded millions of people in Africa, Europe, Latin America, Arabia, the Orient and India to occupy and loot. Their desire to invade and destroy was so extensive that European classical civilization eventually fell and was completely destroyed. Only a small fraction of what this civilisation was remained today. Go to any museum and see the headless status remaining from European history, the reminder of the huge and brutal struggles and losses Europe faced in the hands of Muslim invasions. So much so, the greatest civilizations on earth plunged into poverty and into the dark age, and its population and off-spring got tainted with Muslim blood from mass rapes shaping the DNA of a new people, more violent by nature than its original stock [Spain, Italy, Greece, Latin America].

They enslaved millions in Europe, through India, Africa and everywhere they forced their presence (over 140 million people in Africa alone is believed to have been victims of Muslim enslavement). The Muslims would never leave anyone alone from their brutality and effort to occupy other nations, enslave them and loot them. And this effort to take over and hate others have never ended by the followers of Islam. It’s been a 1,400 year struggle to keep Muslims at bay from planting their seed of violence into other countries.

While Muslims try and blame all Western societies for refusing to invite Islam into their fold (Islam was considered evil and Mohammed was compared to the devil) and distort history that slavery was an invention by the West, history speaks differently. Not only the West but the world at large struggled continuously to end the after-effect of Muslim slave-raids. Again and again, year after year, nations tried to abolish slavery but as the Arab slave trade never diminished the ugly head of slavery kept being activated all over again.

Today in 2014 slavery is still strong and flourishing throughout the Muslim world – the original slave traders of the earth – and in countries with a long Islamic history of occupation, where the culture has become blended with Islamic habits and culture (Africa, India, i.e).
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