Author Topic: Extremist supporters of Iraqi militants mock Michelle on Twitter with ‘#BringBackOurHumvee’  (Read 234 times)

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Extremist supporters mock Michelle with ‘#BringBackOurHumvee’
By Bob Fredericks
NY Post
June 19, 2014 | 4:10am
Now they’re thumbing their noses at the first lady.

Supporters of extremists battling the Iraqi government posted a doctored photo on Twitter Wednesday of Michelle Obama holding a sign reading #BRINGBACK OUR HUMVEE.”

The jihadis were gloating over the rebels’ capture of hundreds of millions of dollars in US military hardware by making fun of the first lady’s famous tweet last month showing her with a sign that read: #Bring Back Our Girls,” a reference to the schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria.

The tweet from the Islamists or their supporters was reported by the Web site Gateway Pundit.

Iraqi terrorists looted tanks, Humvees, guns and ammo in Iraq, with much of the arms being shipped back to al Qaeda-linked rebels in Syria, Pentagon spokesman Bill Speaks told Fox News.

People took to Twitter to express outrage, note the irony or otherwise chime in.

“We are now being openly mocked & clowned by Islamic militants,” wrote Jared Still of Texas.

“Why were viable vehicles left behind? Disable them at least! DUH!” added a poster named AE.

“Bring back our humvees… please? How’d that work out for the girls?” wrote “Ben Ghazi Gal.”
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Some more Twitter responses:

#BringBackOurHumvees. At this point, what difference does it make ? Well Hillary, it matters ?

Meanwhile back in #Iraq #isis is saying #comegetyourhumvees #infidels

#BringBackOurHumvees Maybe Obama will release 5 more dangerous terrorists from Gitmo to get them back

#bringbackourhumvees we have small towns here that still don't have one.

BEING a muslim himself o-sham-a undoubtedly knows sectarian differences will NEVER B settled in Iraq. #BringBackOurHumvees

 #BringBackOurHumvees why? They aren't safe, if you want to fight ISIS, what better way than shoddy equipment?

How about #RestoreAmerica and our freedom #BringBackOurHumvees

#BRINGBACKOURHUMVEES - Winning the War on Terror with #HASHTAGS

#BringBackOurHumvees; Michelle, bring back our constitution, your hubby has stolen it.
A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.

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