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Ready For ANOTHER MSNBC? Pilot Of ‘MSNBC2′ Debuts Online

Posted By Brendan Bordelon On 6:18 PM 06/18/2014 In | No Comments

We know our readers at The Daily Caller can’t get enough of MSNBC. So it’s with great pleasure that we announce Wednesday’s unveiling of an online channel complementing the liberal cable news network, simply titled “MSNBC2.”

Hot Air reports that the network streamed the first program on the new “network” Wednesday morning, putting “The Cycle” host Krystal Ball live and on-camera to discuss political issues without content-limiting advertisements.

“In a pilot episode of a web-only show,” MSNBC explained in a statement, “Krystal Ball breaks down the crisis in Iraq with Ayman Mohyledin and Lt. Col. Michael Kay; talks about Hillary Clinton’s ‘Hard Choices’ with ‘book friends’ New York Times’ Nick Confessore and Policy Mic’s Elizabeth Plank.”

Ball hit many of the same themes she pushes on her network show “The Cycle,” hitting Hillary Clinton for not being progressive enough and detailing, for the umpteenth time, the scourge of income inequality.

The move isn’t quite a new cable channel (at least not yet), instead falling more in line with similar web-based programming already pursued by competitors Fox News and CNN.

Krystal Ball will air on MSNBC2 every Wednesday at 11 AM, and MSNBC plans to add new, as-yet-unspecified programming to the lineup moving forward.

[h/t Hot Air]

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