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Attack on Little Girl called a Hate Crime
« on: June 18, 2014, 09:57:21 AM »

Attack on Little Girl called a Hate Crime

By Onan Coca   / 18 June 2014   / 18 Comments   

In a nasty incident that really makes you question our culture – a little 10-year old girl was attacked while riding her scooter on the sidewalk recently.

Her attacker was a 13-year old girl who seems to have pounced simply because the little girl on the scooter was white.

The 13-year old attacker leapt out at the girl as she rode by, then with a vicious and wild swing, she punched the littler girl off of her scooter. The punch knocked the girl to the ground, then the attacker continued to pummel the child over and over again using racial slurs to taunt her.

It seems that the entire incident was planned, as someone began recording video even before the young victim rode by. The 13 year old criminal was waiting calmly in her front yard and showed no intent or emotion until the little girl rides into camera view… which is when she jumps into violent action.

After the attack, whoever recorded the assault posted it to YouTube for the entire world to see.

A neighbor who witnessed the event says that the attacker was using racial slurs to taunt the little girl. "Cracker. She called her a cracker," said neighbor Jessica Jaworski. Jaworski also told reporters that this is not the first time folks on the street have had problems with the violent teenager. Apparently she routinely bullies the younger white girls in the neighborhood using racist language and telling them she doesn’t like them because they’re white.

The victim’s parents simply want justice for their daughter. At first, the girl’s father tried to handle things without getting police involved. He spoke with the attacker’s grandfather, but nothing was done, so the family went to the police.

Police are investigating this as a juvenile crime, but their reports also indicate that it was likely a hate crime. Perhaps evidence will come out that the young attacker was put up to this by someone older (like the person doing the recording), and that will allow police to truly bring justice by imprisoning the older criminal.

Either way, this is simply another disgusting example of the evil that is racism. Racism is different than other sins because it breeds more and more evil. Racism cannot stand alone… by necessity racism causes other evils wherever it appears. In this case, racism led to a horrible act of violence against a young innocent girl. It is incumbent upon us to continue to fight racism wherever it rears its ugly head. We must stamp it out.

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