Author Topic: Malia fetched coffee and got no special treatment during Hollywood gig but was 'charming and delightful' says Halle Berry co-star  (Read 285 times)

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he first daughter was spotted working as a production assistant, an insider tells TheWrap

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama's oldest daughter Malia could be setting her sights on Hollywood.

Malia Obama, who turns 16 on July 4, was spotted this past week working as a production assistant for a day in Los Angeles on the set of Halle Berry‘s upcoming sci-fi series “Extant,” an individual with knowledge of the production told TheWrap.

“She helped with computer shop alignments and the director also let her slate a take,” the insider said.

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The insider also said Malia laughed with delight saying, “My first time. This is a big deal.”

CBS has not yet not responded to TheWrap's requests for comment. A spokesperson for the First Lady also has not responded.

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Where did Barack and Michelle go so horribly wrong?!

They have a daughter that wants to work?!
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    Malia Obama spent last week working as a runner on the set of Halle Berry's upcoming sci-fi series Extant
    She spent most of her days going on coffee runs for the cast and helped the crew block people from walking through scenes
    Secret Service protection was on hand, but kept low-key
    One person, apparently unaware who the new girl was, innocently chatted to her about sports and she didn't blow her cover
    '[Malia] is graceful, and lovely, and just charming and delightful,' said Extant star Camryn Manheim
    The series, which airs July 9 on CBS, is being produced by prominent Obama donor Steven Spielberg

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It's nice to see one Obama earning a paycheck.
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I'm glad to hear that something delighted her, I have never seen that child smile. 

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