Author Topic: Dinesh D’Souza: Obama Mobilizes Resentment Towards America To Grow His Power  (Read 249 times)

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Dinesh D’Souza: Obama Mobilizes Resentment Towards America To Grow His Power

Posted By Ginni Thomas On 10:29 AM 06/15/2014 In | No Comments

If the questionable legal charges levied against Dinesh D’Souza by Obama’s Justice Department for exceeding campaign finance laws were to quiet his criticism of the President, it is not working. Yet, one gathers from D’Souza that he sees these charges as one more of the shameless ways this President is using the instruments of the state to attack his critics.

With a new book, “America: Imagine a World Without Her” and a movie, “America,” coming on July 2, D’Souza is a man with a message and he is on fire. His movie “2016” brought in 8 million viewers. His new movie, “America” is coming July 2 and he hopes to top “2016″ with this latest production.

In this 23 minute video interview, Dinesh D’Souza said, “In my opinion, President Obama believes in American exceptionalism. I believe America’s exceptionally good and he believes America’s exceptionally bad.”

He went on to say, “He doesn’t equate America’s sins with the rest of the world. If he did, he would be pressing the Chinese to use less energy resources. He would be demanding that they stop buying all the land and minerals in Africa. He would be demanding that they reduce their nuclear arsenal.”

To D’Souza, Rush Limbaugh was right in 2009 to hope Obama fails with his “destructive” worldview. Reminding viewers that progress is not always beneficial, D-Souza said, “If I am a termite, for me, progress means eating the building and making it fall down.”

President Obama has turned success on its head and is scapegoating the successful in America. D’Souza’s analogy in the interview is to a bandwagon — where good-hearted, successful Americans are pulling those depending on government assistance.

Obama says to those riding inside the bandwagon, “You are the morally most wonderful people in America.” And, instead of thanking those who pull the bandwagon, Obama calls them “the most greedy, most selfish, materialistic we’ve ever seen,” as he requires they pull harder.

“Even the Democrats are starting to realize something very fishy is going on here,” he says.

You can use this website to demand the movie comes to your city if it hasn’t already been selected for showing.

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