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Thursday, June 12th, 2014 | Posted by
Watchdog: Obama drops export controls on components sought by U.S. enemies

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WASHINGTON — The United States has removed export controls that could enhance Middle East sponsors of insurgency groups, a report said.

The Project On Government Oversight asserted that the administration of President Barack Obama lifted export control from more than 30,000 military components.

In a report, the watchdog said the components included those long sought by adversaries of the United States, particularly Iran.

“Six months into the implementation of the Initiative, however, it is
 clear that the administration is loosening export controls on a much broader
 range of arms and war materials, including many military items that provide
 clear military capabilities to America’s adversaries and our allies’
adversaries,” the report, titled “More Than F-16 Bolts: A Problematic Ruse
 On Export Reform,” said.

The report, dated June 6, deemed the administration’s Export Control
 Reform Initiative, launched in 2010, a ruse meant to avoid serious
 examination of the consequences of releasing such platforms as fixed- and
 rotary-wing aircraft.

One scenario was that Iran, exploiting the new
 authority of the Commerce Department, would acquire badly-need components of
 military aircraft sold by the United States in the 1970s.

“The Iranians also continue to attempt to acquire many military aircraft
 parts recently moved to the CCL [Commerce Control List] that are key to
 maintaining their aging fighter jets and military helicopters,” the report
 said. “For such reasons, the State Department has previously said exports of
 helicopter spare parts can be just as dangerous as attack aircraft or

Under the program, virtually all military aircraft, with the exception
 of fighter-jets, would come under Commerce Department control. They included
 the S-70 Black Hawk and CH-47 Chinook helicopters, acquired by many Middle
 East militaries.

“Many of the military items moving to Commerce Department control such
 as military body armor, military detonators and explosives, smoke grenades,
 certain control electronics for UAVs and drones, and diesel engines for
 tanks and armored vehicles also clearly contribute to military
 capabilities,” the report said.

The report warned that Middle East and other adversaries have exploited
 the lax control of the U.S. Commerce Department. In 2006, dual-use U.S.
 diesel engines were reported to have been installed in Chinese military
 trucks delivered to Sudan, under international sanctions.

“Given the many types of significant military equipment and key war
 materials moving to the Commerce Department’s control, the Obama
 administration needs to urgently provide a much fuller and more accurate
 picture to Congress and the media of the type and utility of these military
 items,” the report said. “Whether by design or not, the predominant use of
 examples such as brake pads or bolts seriously prevents the American public
 from evaluating and discussing the loss of important arms export controls,
 and risks to U.S. national and global security.”
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