Author Topic: Dad Refuses to Take His Son for Psych Evaluation After Harmless School Incident. Then He Received a Letter That Left Him in Disbelief.  (Read 233 times)

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From the article:
[[ However, the father now claims that the state is demanding further evaluation and even threatening to terminate his parental rights and put Ethan up for adoption if he refuses to comply. ]]

If Mr. Chaplin wanted to do the right thing, within a few hours of receiving such notice he should have packed a trailer, hooked it to his car, put his wife and family into it, and driven across the border, never to enter New Jersey again...

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Yeah, public schools, pyschiatrists and state CPS work hand in hand and often they will succeed at usurping traditional parental rights. It's risky to leave your child in some public schools, I saw Kalifornia's heavy hand in that over ten years ago. Time to bail.

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