Author Topic: Blair: Don't blame me for meltdown in Iraq: Astonishing 'essay' by ex-PM: he says Obama quit too soon... and the UK should launch attacks  (Read 303 times)

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“If he will lie to or mislead his wife and daughter, those with whom he is most intimate, what will prevent him from doing the same to the American public? Private conduct does have public consequences.”
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Heya Tony, long time no hear. Could have done with it being longer.

Yes I am blaming you. You see, you let us grunts down, big time. You took units forged in counter terrorist operations on Shankill Road and put them under a military command that thought only in big set piece battles. I mean, a couple of the high command were decent enough and would turn a blind eye to squads actually doing the job and getting results, but a lot of them were chair warmers, totally out of their depth for anything more than taking salutes and kit inspections.

Remember when we went in to Iraq in the first place? My unit had to find and bribe a US Supply Sergeant for bloody boots! Oh, and sending us into the desert in the middle of summer in winter weight BDUs was considerate of the MoD. Did you worry about us catching colds or something?

Not that we had much weight to haul around in the heat at first. 4 magazines each is barely sufficient for one firefight, and to be told that "ammunition is a low priority cargo" by the QM, who couldn't re-stock us was another thing that certainly cheered our evenings. Fortunately, we dealt with that problem in our usual efficient way during the advance, as the loyalist military kindly left behind more than enough to go round.

The billeting system in cleared areas is a tried and true technique. We were supposed to be winning hearts and minds, after all, and you get more hearts and minds by living with and among the people. They get to know you, you get to know them - turns things from abstract to personal. So of course, you ordered it stopped and us to pull back into fortified castles. Turned us from people there to give the population a hand in taking control of their own country into invaders, pretty much overnight. Smooth move, Brainiac.

So yes - I blame you.
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