Author Topic: Obama’s IRS Gave FBI Over 1 Million Pages of Taxpayer Info - Encouraged Prosecution of Conservatives  (Read 215 times)

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Obama’s IRS Gave FBI Over 1 Million Pages of Taxpayer Info - Encouraged Prosecution of Conservatives

Tim Brown 14 hours ago

…And the hits just keep on coming. The administration of Barack Obama will certainly go down in history as one of the most corrupt, tyrannical administrations in US history. I'm from the South and despise the tyrant Abraham Lincoln, so when I make that statement, that is saying something. However, newly released documents indicate that Obama's Internal Revenue Service gave 1.1 million pages of information on US taxpayers to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in order to encourage prosecution of conservatives.

In a letter that was sent from Congressmen Darrell Issa and Jim Jordan to John Koskinen, Commissioner of the IRS, the facts were presented that detail that the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform recently learned "that the IRS transmitted 21 disks containing over 1.1 million pages of information about tax-exempt groups to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in October 2010 in advance of Lois Lerner's meeting with the Justice Department about potentially using campaign finance laws to criminally prosecute certain nonprofit groups engaged in political speech."

Consider that political speech is specifically what the First Amendment is designed to protect and that it starts with the phrase "Congress shall make no law." If Congress shall make no law regarding speech, then there is no reason for the federal government to be investigating individuals or organizations that engage in it.

The disks that were sent to the FBI, "contained confidential taxpayer information protected by federal law," according to the letter. So will the law be enforced seeing that Issa and Jordan are seeming to admit that the law has been broken? Probably not.

However, they did demand the Commissioner "produce all material explaining how these disks were prepared and transmitted to the FBI."

The letter also included copies of email exchanges between then IRS head Lois Lerner and Richard Pilger, director of Election Crimes Branch of the Department of Justice.

Other emails were attached to the letter, including one from Lois Lerner's predecessor Sarah Ingram, who was over tax exempt organizations at the IRS. She wrote in an email, dated September 21, 2010:

"Thanks, as always, for the excellent support from Media. I do think it came out pretty well. The "secret donor" theme will continue–see Obama salvo today and Diane Reehm (sp). At least SS started the idea that we don't have the law to do something, although Marcus had a flavor that we just don't care because we are a tax agency. He should know better even if he is unhappy with the environment and the tax laws."

Diane Reehm is a National Public Radio host. You'll notice the reference of the email is to a New York Times story, "As Rules Shift, Donor Names Stay Secret." Again, we can see how the major media outlets are clearly in bed with the Obama administration and by definition are somewhat complicit in the criminal activity by failing to report the truth.

You would think some people would have been prosecuted for this by now, wouldn't you? But no, just like Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Extortion 17 and a host of other scandals that aren't phony, nothing gets done except more hearings and more investigations without Congress writing down one article of impeachment or bringing criminal charges against anyone. But, oh the rhetoric we are hearing from them about the crimes against the American people!

So should we expect for the IRS to produce the material requested? Hardly.

In fact, on Friday the IRS claimed that it would be unable to produce Lerner's emails to and from the White House and other federal departments due to an alleged computer crash. Seriously? The timing could not be more suspect. We know that there is the technology available to recover data from crashed computers, so this is complete bunk. Will anyone be held accountable? Again, probably not.

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