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Support the USO

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This prevailing opinion is what guarantees that the ancient Ottoman Levant is going to be submerged in a broad civil war, and the United States Government is going to calmly stand by and watch it happen.

The way to fix this was back when we still had a chance to insist on a Status of Forces Agreement with the Iraqi Government.  Without that it is not legally possible for US troops to be on Iraqi soil and that gave the President the convenient excuse he needed to abandon gear in place and pull out.  The result is a militant army that is heavily armed, and getting larger by the day.

If I were the King of Jordan I would be quietly reinforcing my borders.  If I was an Israeli fighter pilot I would likely be on a rotating hot alert with live ordinance on the birds, ready to pull the chocks and pins and go hunting.

Add the four year old war in Syria and we have the makings for a real war.  The only thing we are missing is nuclear weapons, and it is inevitable that someone is going to get their hands on one sooner or later, and when they use it Obama will have a nuclear brush war on his hands, and only Hagle and Kerry to try and un-f*&k it.  This is a disaster in the making.

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