Author Topic: Whistleblower claims secret list at Overton Brooks VA Medical Center in Shreveport (More VA Scandals)  (Read 667 times)

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...But, Shea Wilkes has been willing to come forward and talk on camera, to KTBS. Wilkes had reported his concerns internally and to the V.A.’s Inspector General, who is aware of the alleged Overton Brooks secret wait list. But after the VA released numbers this past Monday, showing only 5 veterans waiting on an Electronic Wait List, and that established mental health patients only waited 2.07 days for appointments, he was ready to go outside the V.A. in hopes that the Inspector General will quickly come to Overton Brooks for their follow-up investigation....

...“I actually have a secret wait list, it's an excel sheet, with veterans, it was on the shared drive, it was secured with a password, it has over 2,700 veterans on it,” says Wilkes.....

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I'll bet it doesn't exist now...

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