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Shootings in Parts of New York City, Triple, Double After End of Stop and Frisk

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On June 12, 2014 @ 11:15 am In The Point | 50 Comments

Liberals really love minorities. They fought long and hard against “Stop and Frisk” because even though they are obsessed with gun control, stopping and frisking likely gang members discriminated against minorities. Most shootings in urban areas are gang related. Stop and Frisk was an effective way of keeping gang members from carrying.

It was also racially disproportionate because unfortunately there’s a shortage of white Crips in East New York… and a shortage of white residents in the areas where most shootings happen.

Stop and Frisk was shut down. The killings started up. Now Judge Shira Scheindlin and the liberal media have the blood of black people on their hands.

Shootings in some of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods are up, tripling in one Brooklyn precinct and doubling in another as well as one in the Bronx, NYPD figures show.

The number of shooting victims so far this year in the 69th Precinct in Canarsie, Brooklyn, increased threefold to 18 compared to six fatalities in the same period last year.

In the 75th Precinct in East New York, the number of shooting victims had doubled as of Sunday, from 17 to 34. And in the 47th Precinct in the Bronx, the number of people shot has already more than doubled, from 12 to 25.

“While any increase is always a concern, this one is a spike and a spike that we’ll be able to respond to,” said NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton on Tuesday.

Bill Bratton won’t respond to the shootings because his boss has tied his hands. Bill de Blasio opposes every effective crimefighting measure.

The only thing Bratton is still allowed to do is put more cops on the street… and there aren’t enough cops to shut down gang violence by just patrolling. Ask Chicago.

Bratton, who said a decrease in stop-and-frisk tactics wasn’t the cause of the jump, also pointed out that about a third of shooting victims weren’t cooperative with cops.

They’re not cooperative… because they’re gang members. Stopping gang members from shooting each other was what Stop-and-Frisk did.

Would Bratton like to share with us a reason for the massive spike in gang violence? Nah, he’ll just let his boss roll out some more income inequality programs to fix the underlying social issues which will keep gang members from shooting each other.

It worked in the 70s. It”ll work now.

“I used to walk to the store late at night, but now I can’t,” said Chelsia Febles, a 22-year-old Bronx Community College psychology student, as she pushed her 4-month-old in a stroller. “All of the shootings have me scared.”

And yet Chelsea probably voted for Bill de Blasio.

Andre Green, 20, said he believed gangs were responsible for most of the violence.

“The police should get on it, but it’s hard to tell who they are,” he said. “It looks good around here with homes and working people. But it isn’t safe.”

The police can’t get on it because stop and frisk was banned.

Katherine Lee, a 78-year-old retired bookkeeper, blamed a lack of police as she stopped on the corner of Baychester Ave. and Tillotson Ave. in the Bronx’s 47th Precinct.

“There’s not enough police,” she said. “They only come after people get shot. Where are they? Look around you. You don’t see a single cop.”

There’s not enough police because after every shooting, procedure floods the area with cops. Multiple shootings mean watchtowers and massive police patrols of the kind that would freak out any of the bloggers complaining about MRAPs.

But meanwhile the gangs beat the heat and deal and feud somewhere else. Then the cops swarm there.

It’s like nothing has been learned from the seventies. Nothing at all.

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