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New Study Shows Michelle Obama Thinks Americans Are ‘Idiots’

“I expected to hear a rousing speech..."

Avatar of B. Christopher Agee   B. Christopher Agee — June 11, 2014

In her capacity as an activist first lady, Michelle Obama has made it a constant mission to impose nutritional mandates onto ostensibly free Americans. Her push to regulate what public schools are allowed to serve has been an objective failure as school districts across the nation try to opt out of the expensive program and students complain about unappetizing and insufficient meals.

A new study conducted by George Washington University associate sociology professor Ivy Ken finds that the mission of associations like the Partnership for a Healthier American – which counts Michelle Obama as a leader – serves to treat the obese as helpless individuals.

Her study, titled ‘A Healthy Bottom Line: Obese Children, a Pacified Public, and Corporate Legitimacy,” appeared recently in Social Currents. In it, Ken determined that Obama’s group – along with the Bill Clinton-supported Alliance for a Healthier Generation – “turn(s) overweight and obese people into idiots” by insinuating they are too dense to make their own choices.

PHA, which has been integral in implementing Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ program, received the brunt of Ken’s criticism.

“The obesity crisis,” she wrote, “is the impetus for a particular new marketing plan, which is given a great deal of publicity, clout, and legitimacy through the PHA.”

In the study, Ken lambasts these associations for working with producers of fattening foods, thereby giving companies an opportunity to declare they are part of the solution rather than a perpetuator of the problem. She suggested her concerns were compounded during a conference last year in which Obama discussed her advocacy.

“I expected to hear a rousing speech from Mrs. Obama,” she wrote; “but I was unprepared for the massive coordination apparent in the PHA’s message and the approval that the conference’s public health-focused attendees bestowed upon all the corporate speakers at the event.”

The report revealed that PHA is affiliated with around 50 corporations – such as Sara Lee – while AFHG includes about 120 corporate partners, including Pepsi. Companies who wish to revamp a reputation as a junk food producer, she noted, can align themselves with one of these organizations as an easy and noncommittal way to achieve their goal.

“Corporations should have to earn a place at the table of influence,” she explained, “not by buying it, but by spending decades not producing fat-, sugar-, and salt-laden products.”

The fact that they are taking steps to change the public’s perception, however, suggests to Ken that these companies are experiencing what she calls “corporate desperation.”

Americans can continue their offense against these companies, she explained, by “not letting corporations set the agenda or write the terms.”

Whether or not one agrees with all of Ken’s assertions, her underlying contention that groups like PHA have produced few positive results has been a common complaint among many critics.

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